Blogging 101

Need help with your blog? Want tips on how to get more readers and stuffs?

Worry no more.  Your Blogger Gal is here for some Blogging 101 tips and tricks. Let me help you in any way I can. Don’t be alarmed, I don’t bite at all!

Here are some links that might help you with your blogging life:blogging101

Seven Reasons why no one reads your blog

Take Your Blog To Facebook

Take Your Blog To Twitter

Need More Readers for your WordPress Blog?

Writing Tips

How Often Should You Blog?

Get More Views On Your Blog





3 thoughts on “Blogging 101

  1. These are all practical and useful tips. Thanks for compiling them all together!

    One of the best things I learned in terms of sharing your blog posts on social media is focusing on creating valued conversations, it’s engagement instead of (over) promotion.

    That’s an effective way to gain followers and build a community.

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