how often should you be blogging?



How often should you be posting?

If you’re a newbie, it’s okay to preferably blog every day. But at a minimum, a couple times per week. One blog post per week is not enough. You will not be able build up any momentum.

You have to be consistent about it too.


Do you want to get more people to your blog?

Then check how often you are posting. Are you posting an article to your blog every day?

If not just know it is common trap. One that stops almost every blog from growing.

Posting to your blog everyday is an easy way to set your blog apart and start getting some traction.

This is not the first time I have read this. Other people have said similar things. I will share those with you later on this week. Hint: It all has to do with the overnight success stories we hear so much about.

For now just know that good consistent blogging is the best way to grow your blog.


credits to : Bryan Fleming

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