Take your Blog to Twitter

twitter-logoOne easy way to get more views for your articles is to post them to twitter directly from your wordpress blog.

Here are some tips when using twitter. Twitter is a great place to start for a quick and easy social marketing plan. You will be surprised how much traffic you can get.

Here are my best twitter tips.

– Include links images and videos to drive retweets
– Keep it short – 140 characters is a limit not a goal
– Tweet 3 – 5 times per day to avoid getting drowned out
– Network with others using replies and retweets (BIG ONE)
– Use Hashtags to monitor trends. Participate where ever you can. When it makes sense

There you go. Some great tips that will give you faster results with Twitter.

You can follow me on twitter here:



credits to Bryan Fleming @ http://www.whizpress.com/

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