7 reasons no one reads your blog…

I was talking with some successful bloggers the other day on a Google Hangout. I asked why they thought people do not get any readers to their blogs. Here are 7 reasons they gave me. I wanted to share them with you.

7 Reasons nobody reads your blog:wanted readers 6 005

1. Your Blog does not work on Mobile Phones
2. Your content sucks
3. You do not know your audience
4. You are not consistent in your blogging
5. There is no community
6. Nobody knows about your blog
7. Your blog is all about you (and you know it)

I could write at least an entire paragraph on each of these but I think just by reading the problem you can understand it (and how to fix it).

Are you making any of these common mistakes? If so do not worry too much about it. Just know they are common traps all bloggers fall into at one point or another.

The good news is fixing them will start to bring in more readers to your blog.


credits to:

Bryan Fleming
WhizPress – blog posting software

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