Review: Hiders (Canaan Island 3) by Meg Collett


Hiders (Canaan Island, 3)
by Meg Collett

coffeesynopsisdViolet Relend is called the Ghost of Canaan Island because of her white hair and eerie eyes.

Though they mock her, Violet helps the citizens of Canaan with her family’s dwindling fortune. When she purchases a prosthetic for Arie Mendoza, a wounded soldier fresh from war, he insists on paying her back.

Wanting only to be left alone, Violet gives Arie a list of twelve impossible tasks. As she reluctantly gets to know him, the grip her fears and anxieties have on her loosens—until a developer threatens to have her crumbling, cliff-side house condemned. Violet will need more than Arie’s help to save her home. The entire town will have to rally around their Ghost.

If Violet doesn’t move fast enough, the walls of her carefully constructed life will fall in around her and drag her into the ocean’s depths.


The intensity of Meg Collett’s books in the Canaan Island series continue to build up and I am one happy gal to have witnessed this unfold in Violet and Arie’s story.

Considered an outsider in a community where being different was looked down, Violet had grown by herself in her parents’ house for as long as she remembered. And that’s how she wanted it to be. But this girl had a heart of gold, she gave whatever she could to those who were in need, without asking nor expecting anything in return. Even when her resources were slowly depleting. So she was surprised when Arie Mendoza, a combat veteran amputee, trespassed her home and offered his services so he could pay the artificial leg that she had paid for. Not used to having people in her life, she reluctantly allowed Arie to do some tasks for her… Impossible and difficult tasks which she was sure Arie won’t be able to do… Or so she thought.

In the tradition of Canaan Island series, readers are taken back to this beautiful island where people of all ages, color and sizes are scrutinized, recognized and appreciated in one way or another. I liked Violet Relend’s character, a beautiful woman with anxiety attacks and trust issues, who was called the Ghost, due to her oddly eerie appearance. It wasn’t easy living in a place where people just took one look at her and they scram and run away because they thought she would hurt them. My heart was actually hurting for her. So when charismatic Arie came into his life (first in the Keepers book 2) I knew they belonged with each other. I liked how they fulfilled their needs, physically and emotionally. I liked how they worked together, bantered and joked together, and eventually bonded over the fields and through the woods and high above the lighthouse. I liked how they found love in the most unexpected way..

This had been an absolutely fantastic series. I always look forward to everything that Meg Collett writes, because I know that she poured all her heart and soul to each story and characters in her book. This is another must read that everyone will surely enjoy!



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