Review: Sunset Wish by Sabrina Thompson


Sunset Wish
by Sabrina Thompson

coffeesynopsisdKatelyn had wishes and hopes and dreams. A lot of them faded since her father left, and even more faded when her mother found a new kind of love at the bottom of the bottle. Years of neglect and abuse by her mother and classmates had Katelyn feeling alone in her small town.

Then Jamie took notice. He saw the shy girl who hid behind worn clothes and blue eyes. For him it took very little to fall in love with her. For Katelyn it took all that she had not to fall in love with him. She has been hiding the abuse and hurt for so long can she finally let it go?

In Sabrina Thompson’s debut novel she explores the kind of relationship a victim of domestic abuse faces, and the love that can come out of it. Sunset Wish will have readers fighting with Katelyn and Jamie to find a way to make their love work, and maybe make their wishes come true.



After an emotional book yesterday about abuse and forgiveness, here I am again opening the floodgates. I can’t count how many times I cried reading this book. Katelyn Wires had been physically and emotionally abused, tormented, almost left to die, but somehow, there’s something on her that made her get up every time. I may not have agreed with her decisions for not exposing her secrets, but I understood where she was coming from. I wasn’t happy at all with her loving condition, sometimes I’d like to slap her myself for her outrageously stupid decisions, but it was her insistence, persistence and sheer determination to survive that made me respect her and not pity her.

Jamie Townsend is god-sent. (I know it rhymes, but it is what it is.) At first I was doubtful about his intentions, I wasn’t convinced with the actions that he’d shown, but eventually, this guy softened my heart.

But the best thing that ever happened to them, in my opinion, is Grace.. And I bawled so hard when the real score about her was revealed in the end.

Lord knows how much pain and tears I’ve shed reading this book in one sitting. Sunset Wish is fast paced, emotionally draining and it totally ripped my heart into shreds. I wish the author Sabrina Thompson had forewarned me about the possible heart stroke I’d be experiencing while reading her book. I thank her though for slowly opening my eyes about the harsh realities of life. I wished Katelyn’s father’s story was explained further, but like the main character in the book, I found contentment in knowing that there was still hope for a better sunrise after saying your sunset wish. Thanks Sabrina for a beautiful and heartfelt story..




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  1. katreadssph says:

    Sounds really heartbreaking, Claire 😦

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