Review: Lucky Stars by Jane Heller

Lucky Stars
by Jane Heller
Paperback 1999

Stacey Reiser left Cleveland for Hollywood to pursue an acting career—and to escape her lovable but meddlesome mother, Helen. But her plan backfires when the widowed Helen sells her house and follows Stacey to tinsel town, invades every aspect of her daughter’s world and drives her crazy. As in eye twitch crazy. Insomnia crazy. Acid reflux crazy. “If only Mom would get a life,” Stacey wishes after her mother has called for the zillionth time that day to nag her about her clothes, her hair, her lack of a wedding ring. “If only she’d get a life and stay out of mine.”

How could Stacey ever imagine that Helen would get a life – the very life Stacey craves? Just as Stacey’s career takes a dive, a twist of fate lands Helen in a television commercial that catapults her to stardom. Now it’s Helen who’s the media darling and Stacey who’s the meddler. And while Stacey is hoping for a commitment from her boyfriend, it’s Helen who snares the catch of the century. Or does she? Helen’s new beau isn’t what he seems, and it’s up to Stacey to expose his shady past before it’s too late. But it’ll take the acting job of a lifetime to do it, not to mention a whole lot of heart.

Thanks to this quick and funny book for stirring up my crazy weekend. Lucky Stars is about the crazy and tensed relationship between a mother and daughter and the misadventures they had to go through. The book was easy to relate to, as I saw myself in Stacey’s place & my mom on Helen’s.

Stacey Reiser was an upcoming actress or a starlet trying to take her chances in Hollywood. I don’t blame her, living in the land of stars would definitely make one crave for fame and fortune. In a surprising twist of fate (over a tuna debacle), it was her meddlesome mother Helen who got discovered instead and became very famous. Plus, there was that difficult-to-please film critic/reviewer, Jack Rawlins who bad-mouthed Stacey, thus preventing her from getting jobs in California. Helen Reiser was a tough act to follow, I kid you not.

This Mother & Daughter tandem is neurotic!

I loved how this book made me laugh; it’s quite a classically witty, humorous read. There are times when I found myself in Stacey’s shoes and couldn’t help but get “angry” with my own mom because of her intrusive meddling. I love my mother, but there was times when she drive me nuts. And I don’t mean nuts as in she aggravates me. I mean nuts as in she makes the tiny vein in my left eyelid twitch and sigh while rolling my eyes, babbling about her superstitious beliefs and stuffs. But I definitely love everything about my mom..

So anyway, if you got time and want some funny moments, I suggest LUCKY STARS this weekend. A perfect read just in time for Mother’s Day.

Review: Filthy Beautiful Lies by Kendall Ryan

Filthy Beautiful Lies (Filthy Beautiful Lies #1)
by Kendall Ryan

I have no idea why she auctioned off her virginity for a cool mill. Regardless, I’m now the proud new owner of a perfectly intact hymen. A lot of good that will do me. I have certain tastes, certain sexual proclivities. My cock is a bit more discriminatory than most. And training a virgin takes finesse and patience – both of which I lack.

Sophie Evans has been backed into a corner. With her sister’s life hanging in the balance, the only choice is to claw her way out, even if that means selling her virginity to the highest bidder at an exclusive erotic club. When Colton Drake takes her home, she quickly learns nothing is as it seems with this beautifully troubled man. Being with him poses challenges she never expected, and pushes her to want things she never anticipated.

Loved how the story progressed.. I’ve been aware that this is going to be a series so I expected a cliffhanger ending and I was not disappointed. I liked how everything unfolded, slow, burning, hot!

Sophie sold her virginity to the one who bid for her at $1 million, so she could pay for her cancer-stricken sister’s medical expenses. Luckily, Colton Drake was the right man to get her, instead of some perv dirty old man. Living with Drake for the next six months was part of the deal, and everything was going fine until the past came back to haunt him. Just when they were falling in love with each other..

Well, this story promised Sophie’s right of passage (losing her virginity and all those stuffs) but surprisingly, it didn’t happen. Which I thought was a little disappointing, considering that was her purpose, right? Anyway, I soon realized that it was fine because it meant there’s gonna be something really good coming out of it, that it meant Colton Drake may just be the man I could be rooting for. And then the cliffhanger happened. Wow!

Now I want to read the book two so I could get my fill of Kendall Ryan’s awesomeness. Yes, Filthy Beautiful Lies is kind of short and sweet but it’s also sexy and steamy already and there wasn’t any sex involved. What more if Sophie finally let go of it, huh? Now that’s something to look forward to.

Review: Of Heads and Hearts in the Metro by Thessa Lim

Of Heads and Hearts in the Metro
by Thessa Lim

The friendship of four Filipinas is tested when Jazmine Abaya, a foundation worker in Manila struggling to make ends meet, grapples with the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy and contends with the father, who refuses to take responsibility. When rich girl Anne Tioleco, a sales executive at a multinational firm, announces to her friends that she is eloping, tensions mount; and social classes, jealousies, and regrets threaten to tear the four ladies apart.

Set in modern-day Philippines, Of Heads and Hearts in the Metro is a new adult fiction for women that reveals the life-saving element of friendship and the intricate dynamics within it.

Four girls, a baby and a wedding.. Zara, Laine, Anne and Jazmine got a lot of problems in their hands as their friendship was brought to a test. Tears flowed, words flew out of their mouths, muscles tensed and ached, and a beach full of revelers brought them all back together. Will the awesome foursome still stick in the end? Or will they finally fall apart?

The opening scene was quite a blast, imagine almost giving birth in the beach after getting kidnapped by her circle of friends. That was quite an experience, if you’ll ask me.

I super loved this book. Reminded me a lot about my gal pals and the friendship that we had been on for forever. The characters were real and endearing. Everyone of them had flaws, but that’s what made them more personal and appealing to the readers. The boys, not too much, except for Matt, which I would really love to know more about. The twist about Daniel was really a surprise, though. I didn’t see that coming!
Thessa Lim was able to capture the true beauty of having girl friends and being in a close-knit relationship. I loved that she was also able to paint my beautiful country (the Philippines) with all those exciting destinations and majestic tourist spots and culture in the book. A real must read! I enjoyed the story from start to finish… Or was it really the end? I’d be very happy if there’s gonna be another book about this girls soon!

Review: What About Today by Dawn Lanuza

What About Today
by Dawn Lanuza

Aiden’s stuck working for his family’s amusement park, Funtastic World, for the whole summer. Nothing amuses him, until he met this terrified girl.

Gemma’s stuck in Funtastic World thinking she could handle the park’s rides. She couldn’t. Good thing she met someone to guide her.

As the day comes to a close, Aiden and Gemma ask themselves if one day is ever enough to decide if they were better off as friends or strangers.

I never met a lion hugger before, not even an aspiring one. Now I’ve read about one and he’s interesting. No, scratch that. He’s purrrfect, emphasis on the purr because he loves lions and other animals. And oh, he works at an amusement park and gives tour rides to an amusing badass loner named Gemma. So I really think he’s cool. His name is Aiden by the way.

Now, let’s talk about Gemma, who’s afraid to ride the Ferris Wheel when she assumed someone died in that monstrosity. But it’s her birthday and she wants to try out something as her quest for YOLO (you only live once). Then she meets a boy wearing a long sleeved shirt dress with a necktie looking uncomfortable and cute at the same time. Suddenly her birthday slowly unravels and becomes FUNTASTIC!

Once again, I fell in love with this short story from a talented Filipina author, Dawn Lanuza. Early this morning, (more like early dawn), I read one of her short stories Breakup Anniversary and it was awesome. It really started my day. Then I learned it was her birthday yesterday so I decided to read her other book, What About Today and again, I am impressed. Aiden and Gemma’s story is quite short but loaded. I love love love it! (This is my first time doing a back-to-back review of books written by one author which I read in one day)

It’s these simple short stories that really got me swooning and gushing these days. Ms.Lanuza’s writing is lovely, lyrical, liberating. It allows me freedom to dream and enjoy life’s pleasures through anecdotes and even pick up lines. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I am sure I’ll be reading more of her books soon!

Review: Just Friends by Monica Murphy

Just Friends 

By Monica Murphy

It’s the end of summer. Just before I start senior year with my two best friends in the whole world. Dustin and Emily are everything to me. We’ve been inseparable since middle school, and when we’re together, nothing can go wrong.

But things aren’t always what they seem. Em’s turned into a drunken mess who parties too much. Dustin and I have hooked up a few times—and now he’s ready to take our relationship to the next level. Yet I’m not sure I want things to change. I’m scared if I take it any further with Dustin, our friendship will be ruined forever. Then there’s Ryan. The new guy. He’s hot. He flirts way too much. And Em has totally set her sights on him.

So when my best friend betrays me in the worst possible way, guess who’s there to help me pick up the pieces of my broken heart? Ryan. But he’s so confusing. Annoying. Sweet. Sexy. I want to trust him, yet he makes it so hard. What I really want is for everything to go back to the way it was before.

Before I found out that best friends make the worst kind of enemies.

I don’t know what is it that made me like this book. I admit I wasn’t really into Livvy and her friends Dustin and Em because I thought they were jerks and manipulative, but as the pages wore on, I found myself getting engrossed and seemingly not content with just a chapter. I had this urge to finish the story no matter how irritated I felt towards the characters.

Three hours into this book and my emotions were high and livid. I hated Emily with passion; I really don’t know what Livvy ever liked in her. Em’s a real pain, not worthy to be called a friend. I’ve got a love and hate relationship with Dustin, I couldn’t seem to read him. I know I want to believe in him, but something was keeping me from rooting for him. Ryan, on the other hand, is the quintessential bad boy, the life of the party, the envy of many, the one person you’d love to get mad at forever. Did I like him? Not really, but I could still be swayed if he keep up with his good life on the next book.

And now Livvy… She’s hot and cold. I pity her most of the time, I hate that she’s so indecisive yet so trusting just the same. She’s easily fooled yet she’s trying so hard to make everything right. Booze, drugs, parties – those were definitely gonna be the death of me if I were in her shoes. Sadly, teens these days rely too much in them, and this book has managed to thread on this topic on point. Awesomely executed in my opinion.

That ending made me gag though. Like what the fudge was going on? I gotta read the next book ASAP or I’m gonna be a mess. I’m not content on being Just Friends!




Review: No Perfect Fate by Jackie Weger

No Perfect Fate (Almost Perfect)
by Jackie Weger

Cleo Anderson’s people skills are hesitant and her life broken, yet she is determined to leave her past behind. Alone is good and she is finding her way. On a whim, she parks her Play-mor in a fish camp in the wilds of the Okefenokee Swamp, where gators yawn, bears slumber, and snakes slither. The camp pace is slow, the owner kind, and the people friendly. Cleo encounters Fletcher Freemont Maitland and his goddaughter, eleven year-old Katie.

Cleo didn’t know her life was about to unravel yet again, her heart would shatter, and that Fletcher Maitland would help her mend. But Cleo is about to find these things out the hard way. Both Fletcher and Katie will change her life and if Cleo does not learn to accept that life is bountiful and fate imperfect, she will lose both forever.


Cleo Anderson has had it bad, after an unexpected marriage disaster. She’s bound with her grandmother who thinks so little of her. When she goes on a trip in a fish swamp (have you heard about snake weathers? ugh!) she meets Fletcher Maitland under a canopy. Awkward meeting but long-lasting impression nonetheless.. And then she gets to know his goddaughter Katie.

Cleo and Fletcher are so fun to read, very dynamic characters and appealing too. I did cry a lot though because of Katie, that poor soul. How can a happy celebration of love happen in the midst of death, I had no idea.

One thing I am sure though, Jackie Weger is a master manipulator of feelings, and I meant in a good way. I love all her stories, especially this one because it tugged at my heartstrings. Would definitely read more of her books soon!

Review: Pucked by Rachel Walter

By: Rachel Walter

Does life get in the way of love or does love get in the way of life?

Riley Silk, captain of the Warriors Ice Hockey team at Dalesburg High, doesn’t think life can be lived if love is present. If there’s two things in life he knows to be true, it’s that love causes pain and hockey is his ticket to a better life. He’s worked hard to maintain his Frozen Silk reputation in order to stay focused on his duties and goals.

Audrey Jacobs, the Warriors’ number one fan, believes life can’t be lived without love. She can find love and beauty in the muddiest of situations. Her best friend, Riley, is under a lot of stress at home, so she does her best to brighten his mood whenever she can.

When lines cross and blur, they struggle to keep control of the simplicity their friendship once held. With Audrey’s outlook on life usually surrounded by light, the growing darkness of her doubts and insecurities threaten to deflect her toward the wrong path.

Can she find her true self before her world burns around her? When truths become lies, can Riley find the strength to fight his way through his own personal darkness that clings to his mind and soul? Can he win this face-off that life has dropped in his zone, or will fate take him out of the game completely?

Who keeps the puck?


This has been heart-breaking, mind-blowing, tear-inducing, soul-searching, chest-pounding story, where winter meets spring, creating a spectacular autumn that two bruised hearts call home.

Aubrey Jacob is fire, spring, a blooming dandelion in the mud. Yes, mud.. Because Aubrey girl loves mud and muddin’, and that’s something that make her unique.

Riley Silk is ice, winter, a frost that intensifies the ice surrounding his heart. Because Riley has been through a lot in the homefront, to him, love is cruel and cold and chilled.

Together, they are autumn. Together, they are fire and ice controlled. Together, they are unbreakable.

I loved everything about this book – the tears, the fights, the anxiety attacks, the milkshakes, the mud, the ice, and most specially – the one armed, one legged booty shaking dance.

I love Pucked!