Review: Intergalactic Troublemakers by John McCarrick

Intergalactic Troublemakers (Children’s Fantasy Book 1)
by John McCarrick

What if YOU were Tessa? How would YOU handle the giants?

Tessa Gordon is a regular kind of schoolgirl in a regular town of Lakeside — but her days are far from regular!

A little bit too curious and a little bit too adventurous… Tessa gets in trouble!

She and her friends challenge THE BOYS… to raise a flag on a castle that magically appeared overnight!

How did it get there and WHAT’S INSIDE?

Tessa and her group of girl friends dared the “smelly” boys headed by Danny, to raise a flag on the newly built castle in the middle of nowhere. Little did they know that the giant people inside said castle were not from anywhere on Earth.

Because these giant specimen were actually lizards and reptiles who wanted their brains. Oh the horrors they’d all encountered inside that castle was unimaginable!!!

I want to say that this has been an exciting read, but actually it’s more than that! It was heart-stopping, mind-blowing and definitely earth-shattering!! A trip to the moon and back (or more like, to the galaxy and beyond) with aliens literally on your feet made this book fun and exciting! A great book for kids (especially the naughty little ones) that’s surely won’t have them look at rocket ships the same way ever again.

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