Review: Another Sky by Jayne Frost

Another Sky
by Jayne Frost


My world stopped turning six years ago.
My best friend. My best girl. A burning field in the pouring rain.
I survived, but I left the biggest part of me with them.
And now I sift through the rubble of my broken life.

I didn’t want a second chance.
Redemption. Closure.
Not for me.

Until Gelsey.
A dancer. A dreamer.
Everything I’m not.
She’s the light to my dark.
The sun from another sky.

But sunny days never last.
The storm is coming.
And this time when darkness falls, I might surrender.

Once a member of the famous Damaged rock band, Miles Copper still hasn’t moved on from the disastrous car crash that took the lives of his bestfriend and secret girlfriend. Six years and his heart was still closed off to anyone trying to make him feel again. Including his former bandmates and manager, Tori & Tarryn. Until he met the little ballerina with giant personality. Who cares if Gelsey only liked The Beatles and hadn’t heard of Damaged? This woman rocked Miles’ world and disrupted his hermit life.

Gelsey loved ballet more than anything else. Ballet ran through her bloodline; her mother was once a famous and highly respected ballerina during her time. Even having an absentee father wouldn’t discourage her from reaching her lifelong ambition. But her problem with money proved to be a major hindrance in reaching that goal. Would it really be so bad if she’d ask for someone else’s help? Gelsey, full of innocence yet also full of hope and dream.

I don’t know how to express how I feel after reading Another Sky. God knows I’ve ugly cried, sniffed, grinned and laughed to my heart’s content while reading this book. It is so beautiful! I’ve met Miles on the previous books of Jayne Frost (The Caged/Sixth Street series) and I’ve loved each and everyone in that Caged band. Now, Miles successfully conquered my heart. He’s Damaged, both literally and figuratively and got demons residing inside him.; with dark twisty thoughts that made my eyes glisten with tears. I wanted to protect this man inasmuch as the way he wanted to protect Gelsey. Together, they’re a kaleidoscope of emotions swirling under another sky.

Light and darkness, beauty and madness, hope for the hopeless. Jayne Frost’s writing captivated me again.

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