Review: Haunted Is Always in Fashion by Rose Pressey


Haunted Is Always in Fashion
(A Haunted Vintage Mystery #4)
by Rose Pressey

It’s time for this vintage fashion expert to put on her detective hat . . .

As the owner of It’s Vintage, Y’All in Sugar Creek, Georgia, Cookie Chanel has agreed to share her expertise with author Juliana McDaniel. But on her way to town, Juliana is shot dead, and that was all she wrote. Cookie picks up the thread of the story with help from her psychic cat and a couple of inquisitive ghosts. To unmask this killer, she’ll have to lift the lid on family secrets and hidden motives—because she might wind up getting capped herself if she doesn’t cloche this case .

thoughts-dividerCookie Chanel was on her way to meet author Juliana McDaniel for a research interview about vintage clothing. Unfortunately, Juliana met a tragic death on a car accident, and before she knew it, the It’s Vintage Ya’ll owner was talking to Juliana’s ghost. With her ghost companion Charlotte Meadows, best friend tarot card reader Heather, and Ouija board fanatic Wind Song the cat, they’re bound to discover an ugly family secret and haunting mystery surrounding Juliana’s death.

And that’s another day, another spirit in the life of Cookie Chanel.

Like in her previous books, Rose Pressey continue to provide laughter, hysterics, mystery and exciting paranormal activity through her heroine Cookie Chanel. I like how Cookie had improved in her sleuthing skills and became more competent and confidence towards her goal. I just couldn’t get past Charlotte Meadows’ controlling behavior and meddling antics. Cookie’s dating life is on the brink because of her. Wind Song the cat, on the other hand, still mystifies me. I like that there’s already development about our favorite feline.She’s probably my favorite character in the series. Meow!

Love this latest book in the Haunted Vintage series. I would definitely read and anticipate the next books!




Review: A Long Fatal Love Chase by Louisa May Alcott


A Long Fatal Love Chase
by Louisa May Alcott

coffeesynopsisd“I’d gladly sell my soul to Satan for a year of freedom,” cries Rosamond Vivian to her callous grandfather. A brooding stranger seduces her from the remote island onto his yacht. Trapped in a web of intrigue, cruelty, and deceit, she flees to Italy, France, Germany, from Paris garret to mental asylum, from convent to chateau – stalked by obsessed Phillip Tempest.

Two years before Little Women, serialized in a magazine under the alias A.M. Barnard in 1866, this was buried among the author’s papers over a century.

thoughts-dividerRosamond Vivian was a restless 18 year old girl, trapped in her grandfather’s home for years, with no one to see nor visit her in the island. She had always wanted to experience life outside, to fall in love and to take on adventures one day at a time. But it wasn’t possible in her situation.

Until Philip Tempest tempted her. Mysterious, charming and attractive, Rosamond easily fell for his charms and finally managed to escape her grandfather’s clutches, even if she knew nothing about him. Soon, she discovered the harsh reality of the outside world, the dark and ugly truth about the man who “saved” him, and the realization about forbidden love that could destroy her once and for all.

I’ve read Little Women decades ago and it had always been my favorite book by Louisa May Alcott. This time, this controversial novel that was unearthed a century after the author’s death, was such a surprise to me. A Long Fatal Love Chase is darker, more dangerous, more wicked and more heart pounding. No wonder it was banned during its early publication in the 1800s.

I was still able to finish this book despite the heart attacks it caused me at midnight. Rosamund got it bad, struggled in pain and embarrassment, but still proved to everyone that only she was able to save herself. Reminded me a lot of Jo (from Little Women).



Review: Cruel and Unusual by Patricia Cornwell


Cruel & Unusual (Kay Scarpetta #4)
by Patricia Cornwell

Virginia Chief Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta is called in to autopsy the body of convicted murderer Ronnie Waddell after his execution. Several days after the execution, a young boy is discovered murdered in the fashion of Waddell’s earlier killings, with Waddell’s prints near the body. Scarpetta, along with FBI Agent Benton Wesley and Detective Pete Marino, try to discover how a dead inmate could have possibly committed another murder after his death. As the story progresses she seeks the assistance of her 17-year-old niece Lucy after she discovers a strange folder on her computer.


Kay Scarpetta steps up her game in this series. She confronted the most bizarre of the many controversies involved in her body of work yet. Everyone wonders how Ronnie Joe Waddell’s unique fingerprint appears at the murder scene of Eddie Heath a few hours after Waddell was executed. Dr. Scarpetta, together with her expert team consisting of the charismatic Pete Marino, Benton Wesley and her niece Lucy, they went to great lengths to investigate and expose the murderer, but not without her getting practically destroyed.

Among the female crime writers I’ve read, I think the legendary Patricia Cornwell is my favorite. She’s got to be an exceptional author who uses her expertise in the investigative field to make sure that there is substance in the novels that she write. I like how her stories get me engaged until I have reached the last page of the book. Truly this has been a nail-biting suspense mystery that readers and thrill seekers would appreciate and enjoy.



Review: Kara’s Christmas Smile by A.M Marcus


Kara’s Christmas Smile
by A.M. Marcus

This inspiring story occurs on a Christmas evening and tells the story of a young girl named Kara. During a Christmas eve shopping spree with her mother, young Kara offers her kindness and charming smile to a little boy who later pays the act of kindness forward to a stranger in need. This soon triggers a domino effect of positivity.

This Christmas, join Kara on her adventure to spread positivity and happiness with a single smile and a wonderful act of kindness and see how it brings joy to those around her.


Christmas is just around the corner and kids always look forward to this season, just like Kara does. She was so happy hen she saw the stuffed toy kitty that she’d always wanted to have. But a sad teary eyed boy prevented her from getting it. What she did afterwards surprised him and created a surprising effect to other shoppers as well.

Paying it forward plays a big part in this wonderful Christmas story. It shows us that what goes around comes around. That a smile and a simple act of kindness goes a long way. That paying attention to one’s needs can mean the whole world to them.

I read this book to my three boys and they were surprised to learn about this domino effect of events. Random acts of kindness played a very special part in this book, something that my sons are keen om doing every chance they got. We loved how author A. M. Marcus always write stories that are inspiring, uplifting and motivating.

And oh! The illustrations were colorful and wonderful too! In the end, my kids learned that sometimes, a smile is all it takes to have a very meaningful Christmas!


Review: Deadly Love by Wesley Robert Lowe


DEADLY LOVE – A Chinatown Haunting
by Wesley Robert Lowe

I’m Jasmine Huang, an actress from Beijing. Five years ago, I was murdered while rehearsing for an audition. Everyone thinks it was my ex who killed me, but I’m not positive it was Chris… or maybe I just don’t want to accept it. But I just have to know the truth… even if it kills me again.


I am blown away by this chillingly haunting story about an aspiring Chinese actress, her overzealous pianist boyfriend and her cunning ambitious father. Deadly Love features Jonathan aka Liang who followed her father’s footsteps and dreamed of making it big in the theater as a director but ended up broke, disillusioned and dead. His daughter Jasmine Huang also suffered tragically but surprisingly, she still had her life after murder, after death, after pregnancy! Unbelievable, yes, but in the netherworld, it is possible!

She died after a believable fight with her boyfriend Chris Mathers during their theater rehearsal. The different paths that Chris had undertook to escape Jasmine’s ghost and to prove his innocence was no easy feat. Everyone believed he killed Jasmine, everywhere he went, he saw Jasmine, every person he encountered was connected to Jasmine.

Ugh, this was such a heavy and eerie story, I felt my chest heaving and crushing through every page. This book ain’t for the weak and scaredy-cat. This is terror.

From US to China, from Paris to Singapore to Vancouver Canada. You’ll really go places with this. book. Mr. Lowe clearly has the talent to dig deep into the paranormal. A supernatural genius who knew how to tell a hauntingly real, surreal and unreal story.



Halloween Tale: Witch Switch by Mark C. Collins


Witch Switch: A Halloween Tale
by Mark C. Collins

Old Witch Mandee loves scaring the kids every Halloween. But this year Mandee’s not feeling well enough to go out. She recruits her sister, Witch Mindi, to take her place, and things don’t quite go as planned.
It’s a hilarious Halloween tale of scaring, caring, and sharing!

thoughts-dividerOld grumpy Witch Mandee scares kids every Halloween and always ends up eating their candy goodies after they drop them. This year though, Witch Mandee is kinda sick so she asks her sister Witch Mindi to take over the scary session.. A surprise twist in the end brings Witch Mandee and kids to tears. Oh my!

My sons easily get frightened at scary witch stories, but I still got them to read this book the morning after Halloween. My two younger boys aged 9 and 4 believe there are witches among us so when they learned about Witch Switch, their eyes grew big and asked their older brother if he noticed any flying broomstick above the clouds while they went on Trick or Treat. To say that their fears were comical was an understatement. They decided not to eat all their candies and they left them on our doorstep. Silly kids, I know, right?

I could tell though that they enjoyed this book because of the colorful illustrations and rhyming story. They loved Witch Mindi because she was kinda sweet. They surmised not all witches were bad after all!

Love love love this Halloween treat from Mark Collins! This guy is truly gifted and amazing!

By the way, in case you’re wondering, my kids decided to give their candies to their school mates because they’re afraid they were going to have toothache after eating them. Ha ha ha!



Review: Toxic (A Bad Boy Crime Novel) by Logan Chase


Toxic: A Bad Boy Crime Novel
by Logan Chase


Nathaniel Hayes is the type of man who takes what he wants without asking. Life hasn’t ever been a willing servant to his desires, but that’s soon to shift. When his latest scheme turns deadly, he is more than willing to push to the edge of his limits for wealth. Finally, the two things he has always wanted are within his grasp, but which will he choose? Love or Loyalty?

Jenna Webb is wedged into a life of pretentious f*cks, who are more concerned with the appearance of being somebody rather than doing it… She’s exhausted from over-the-top dinner parties, materialistic suitors and hypocrisy at its finest. The last thing she wants in her life is another pompous alpha male pretending to be someone he isn’t. When offered a chance to live fully alive, will she take it? Will it be worth the cost?

True freedom isn’t always what it’s chalked up to be. Especially not when vows are involved…

This is a full-length, standalone bad boy crime novel. Buyer beware for naughty language, naughty sexual acts and very, very naughty boys. No Cheating, HEA.


Nate was badass, let me just let that out in the open. He seduced ladies for money, then he killed people for money. He lived a criminal life, but he could be a cute cuddly, innocent puppy when it came to Jenna Webb. Jenna was daughter of a wealthy family, but she never wanted the attention that her family name was attached to. She worked in a cafe and served Nate black coffee for as long as she remembered. She led a boring normal life outside the Webb mansion, but truth is, her family had a lot of skeletons in the closet.

Ashley was Nate’s childhood friend and growing up, they became friends with benefits. Like Nate, Ashley led a double life, one that was sinister and scandalous and heinous, especially after her husband was killed. Her husband which happened to be someone known in the society.

This book is entitled Toxic, and believe me, the characters were downright toxic from beginning to end. I don’t know how to further describe them, but let it be known that this book ain’t for the faint of heart. High-octane and action packed novel with multitude servings of hot, hot sex on the side + Mafia gangster involvement, guaranteed. This Logan Chase’s explosive maiden offering. You wouldn’t want to be left out from reading this book!