Review: Play (Stage Dive 2) by Kylie Scott

Play (Stage Dive #2)
by Kylie Scott

Mal Ericson, drummer for the world famous rock band Stage Dive, needs to clean up his image fast—at least for a little while. Having a good girl on his arm should do the job just fine. Mal doesn’t plan on this temporary fix becoming permanent, but he didn’t count on finding the one right girl.

Anne Rollins never thought she’d ever meet the rock god who plastered her teenage bedroom walls—especially not under these circumstances. Anne has money problems. Big ones. But being paid to play the pretend girlfriend to a wild life-of-the-party drummer couldn’t end well. No matter how hot he is. Or could it?


Hot damn! This was so good, I couldn’t put this book down! Mal and his crazy antics would be the death of me. And I don’t blame him if I’d die laughing with him right now. Seriously.

Kylie Scott continues to rock my world with her awesome Stage Dive stories. I thought David Ferris was already a cool dude in the first book, Lick. Until I got a glimpse of one of his bandmates, Malcolm Ericson. Oh man, this guy stood out and stood loud and proud. A certified hottie, I must add.

In this second book, PLAY, Mal is an enigma. Seriously, this talented drummer is so good with his hands, and mouth. He is the life of the party and when he speaks, everyone listens. And gets mesmerized.

No wonder Anne Rollins can’t stop gazing at him with her crazy eyes. This poor gal has been cheated by her roommate who took off without paying her debts to her. Badly needing help with her housing predicament, she soon agrees to Mal’s offer and the two lovers are inseparable ever since.

Life with Mal Ericson is full of fun and excitement and laughter. I wish I was in Anne’s shoes, spending the night with him and shouting expletives and what not just to piss off the other couple next door with his crazy antics. Oh god, Anne and Mal’s pretend bed moments were really hilarious! They even broke the bed by just screaming! How much more if they give in to their carnal needs. Seriously, this book is everything!

I dunno how to proceed with my review without revealing the rest of the story, so I gotta stop now. So far, Mal Ericson is my book boyfriend of the month, and I intend to enjoy each and everyday with him. Gosh, Kylie Scott, you are making a fool of me, but I like it! Yay!


OMG… I didn’t know that the book, PLAY was published exactly 3 years ago. Is this just a coincidence, or what? I really didn’t know about this, but let just say, Happy Birthday PLAY and MAL Ericson! 

Review: CONFESS by Colleen Hoover

by Colleen Hoover

At age twenty-one, Auburn Reed has already lost everything important to her. In her fight to rebuild her shattered life, she has her goals in sight and there is no room for mistakes. But when she walks into a Dallas art studio in search of a job, she doesn’t expect to find a deep attraction to the enigmatic artist who works there, Owen Gentry.

For once, Auburn takes a chance and puts her heart in control, only to discover that Owen is keeping a major secret from coming out. The magnitude of his past threatens to destroy everything important to Auburn, and the only way to get her life back on track is to cut Owen out of it.

To save their relationship, all Owen needs to do is confess. But in this case, the confession could be much more destructive than the actual sin.

Right from the start, I told myself to expect the unexpected when it comes to Colleen Hoover. I’ve read most of her books, I always get surprised with the twists, and I always end up loving them. So I knew first hand that Confess was gonna be different, unique and brilliant.

But my heart wasn’t prepared to break, my mind wasn’t ready for the clusterfuck of emotions and my eyes refused to release the tears threatening to open the floodgates. Damn that prologue, it really had me worried. Auburn’s pleas and heartfelt farewell with  Adam deeply penetrated my heart. I thought I would never be  able to finish the story, because damn, first chapter in and I was already wailing.

“I’m selfish. And if one night with you is all I can get, then I’ll take it.”

But I refused to give up. I, for  one, do  not  have  the  habit  of  DNFing  a  book. So I devoured each and every page of Confess, I dissected Owen’s obsession with confessions, I recoiled from Auburn’s cries for her child, and I tortured myself to tears, until the last page. Good thing I wasn’t wearing makeup nor mascara that day, or else, I’d look like Alice Cooper with all the tears that I’ve shed.

I’ll take whatever you’re willing to give me. Because I know that if you walk out that door, then ten years from now . . . twenty years from now . . . we’ll wish we had listened to our hearts when we think back on tonight.”

Confess is really a surprisingly unique story. The idea of writing confessions and having them illustrated in an artwork was a totally amazing, intriguing and engaging idea. I don’t know how CoHo get her book ideas, it’s like every book she writes is like Pandora’s box, opening new and different surprises that tempts the readers to crave for more.
Owen Mason Gentry had a great impact on me. OMG, I want some lovin’ like Owen. This book totally blew me away.  I regret not reading it immediately after I got it a year ago. What was I thinking,  right?  I’m so grateful to my reading buddy,  Jel who inspired me to read this masterpiece.  I couldn’t ask for any other book to read with a dear friend.

Confess is definitely a must read,  highly recommended and totally worth every tear. I think I can safely say that Confess is now my most favorite CoHo book.

Review: Relentless River by Lindsay Cross

Relentless River (Men of Mercy #10)
by Lindsay Cross

He was Ice.

Sheriff Bo Lawson was everything a retired Marine Special Operations Operator should be. Cold. Calculating. Calm in all situations. He handled terrorists and too drunk locals without blinking, until a couple of dead bodies show up in his small town, throwing his controlled environment into chaos.

She was fire.

Cheri Boudreaux, manager of the local bar, lives her life by one rule – work hard and play harder. The last thing she needs is a repeat of her father: a strict stick-in-the-mud unable to veer from the rules. Then she meets Bo, a walking, talking sex god in uniform and her preconceived notions incinerate.

Ice meets fire.

Bo craves order. He craves control. He craves a red head with a wild streak wider than the Mississippi. She is everything he despises, but can’t get off his mind. So, when Cheri needs help, he wants to be her knight in shining armor.

Threatened by a deadly foe neither of them could predict, Bo and Cheri clash in an uncontrollable inferno. When the truth is revealed, their world falls apart – can they find the strength to fight for each other or will their newfound love fall under a relentless tide of evil?

There’s another dead body found in Mercy, and Sheriff Bo Lawson vowed to put a stop to it. A former Marine Special Operations Operator, Bo had it bad when he blamed himself for his team’s death. Now he would do everything to catch the criminal threatening his town. Even if his lady love was involved.

Cheri Boudreaux managed a local bar that was always a target for trouble. She’s got men vying for her attention, but her sight was only focused on one man alone. Cheri was a tempest, with a dark family secret. Seriously, this woman could do all things to Bo, seduce him, stimulate him, antagonize him. And in all those attempts, she always succeeded. Except that one time when she got shot by a bullet and her cousin was pursued by a cunning murderer.

So far, the last book I’ve read in the Men of Mercy series was Revenge River, and boy it was action-packed and marvelous. Nightshade and Merc left a lasting impression on me. So when I learned about the release of Relentless River, I didn’t have second thoughts reading it.

And I wasn’t disappointed at all. Lindsay Cross still has it, ten books and counting!

I loved Sheriff Bo’s character. He was indeed relentless but Cheri had full control of him. Bo and his uptight demeanor towards Cheri made him more irresistible like a pint of ice cream under a hot sunny day. Lickable!

The drug-related issues and murders were really the main focus of the story and I liked that it was tackled at length throughout the book. Now the erotic scenes between the characters, though, hmm, those were something else. Definitely hot and spicy!

Looking forward to reading more of these Men of Mercy in the next months to come. Can’t wait to meet Riser’s match!

Blog Tour/Review: The Whole Man by CF Rose

twmThe Whole Man
by C.F. Rose

Evan O’Cleary was in college when she spent a passionate 48 hours with up-and-coming baseball star Jesse Walsh. But after he broke her heart, she vowed to never see him again. So why does her heart leap when she runs into him ten years later?

Jesse not only abandoned Evan, but also his dream of becoming a major league baseball player when his brother died in Iraq. Shattered by the loss, Jesse turns inward. He refuses to commit to more than a one-night stand, until he sets eyes on Evan again, whose body still draws him dangerously near…

Evan knows better than to trust Jesse, but when he protects her against an abusive ex-turned-stalker, one thing leads to another and she finds herself in a delicious encounter on his living room floor. Jesse may not be willing to commit just yet, but maybe Evan can break down the wall. As she gets close, though, Evan uncovers a devastating secret that could destroy their families and drive them apart forever.


Two lost souls struggling to find the way to mend their broken hearts. Their past was instant, almost a blur, it happened so fast. And now, ten years later, they met again, each still bearing shattered pieces of their hearts.

Jesse Walsh spent two days with Evan O’Cleary, both in celebratory mood, both high in spirits. But a war, a delayed flight, and a fire had put an end to their happy days. When they saw each other again, the past kept haunting them, torturing their present with guilt, forbidding them of a possible future.

This has been an emotional read. My heart cried out for Evan and Jesse, both victims of circumstance, both casualties of their own guilt, each hopeful for a second chance. This story was beautifully written, the pacing wasn’t rushed, the romance was slow burn and comforting. I cried a tear or two, mostly because of Evan’s mom and Jesse’s dad. My emotions were all over the place, but that was okay. In the end, everything became clearer and whole. And I loved how it all turned out. Thumbs up!



Cheryl Rosenberg, writing as C.F. Rose to protect the innocent, is a sportswriter turned romance writer. When she’s away from her laptop, you can find her at the gym or serving as her kids personal uber driver. She grew up on the East Coast, but survives in too-sunny Southern California with her husband, the three kids and two rescued mutts. The Whole Man is her first book.




Twitter: @cherylrosenbrg


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Review: Stripped by Nikki Chase

by Nikki Chase

coffeesynopsisdI broke my own rules for him.
For one mind-blowing, toe-curling night.
Now he’s back, and he wants all of me.
He wants to know all my deep, dirty secrets.
He won’t stop until he’s stripped me bare.

I never thought I’d see him again, especially not in this sleepy little town. He’s not a SEAL anymore, but otherwise he’s just as tall, dark, and dominating as I remember.

I can see the hunger in his eyes. It makes me want to surrender, to submit to his desires. I want his hard, sculpted body pinning me down, claiming me as his property.

Then, he moves in next door.

Perfect, right?

Except I need to stay away from him. He’s completely, non-negotiably off-limits, even if he says he wants to protect me, even if I crave his intoxicating touch.

He’s not supposed to be here. There shouldn’t be any trace of my old life left.

Usually whenever I see books with “Bad Boy Romance” in the title, most of the time I get disappointed after reading them because the main character doesn’t live up to its name. But when I read Stripped by Nikki Chase, I told myself, “finally!” a real bad boy that I’m gonna hate to love and love to hate. Yes, Navy Seal Jacob is as bad to the bone as he gets and more!

Jacob met Scarlett three years ago in a strip club and had one night stand. Somehow, of all the ladies he’s been with, only Scarlett left a mark in his mind but he was aggravated when Scarlet just took off and never showed again.

Three years later, Jessica Lake had found new beginning and new life in a quaint and quiet little town of Ashbourne. Nobody knew about her name Scarlet nor her stripping days, except her bestfriend Tony. She couldn’t take the chance of revealing about her past, because for sure it would come back haunting her, not after what happened that one tragic night, involving her friend Nancy Jones.

This book had been all sorts of action, suspense, mystery and bits of comedy rolled into one. I liked how the characters geld and blend with each other, I liked the spark between Jacob and Jessica, I liked their stupid fights and un-neighborly interaction. I liked how bad boy Jacob could be, whether in bed or on his Harley Davidson. And I liked how the mystery unfolded in the end, very shocking and surprising, because the culprit would never be the one you guessed. Nikki Chase kept me up with Stripped and that’s a good thing in my book.

Review: No Perfect Secret by Jackie Weger


No Perfect Secret (Almost Perfect)
by Jackie Weger

coffeesynopsisdAnna Nesmith believes she has it all–a great marriage, a dream job and a home of her own. When an investigator begins asking questions, Anna’s ordered world crashes like Jenga blocks. Frank Caburn is man to the bone and manufactures testosterone like Frito Lay does chips, which seems not to impress Anna one whit as she picks through the rubble of her shattered life. Attracted to Anna, Caburn determines to make her his own–But how to tell her without tripping over a layer of secrets is beyond him. Falling in love has never been more difficult.

thoughts-dividerI couldn’t believe I did it! Finished and loved this book in a day and still wishing to be part of the Caburn family. I must admit, at first I was quite impatient with all the loose ends and mysteries throughout the first few chapters. There were a lot of trivia and what not, I thought the book contained too much information. Then as the story progressed, I got to know the characters and the scenarios had me laughing out loud in no time.

Oh man, finding out about the abominable snowman, I mean Kevin Nesmith actually got me into a whirl. Add his lunatic mom to the equation and my head imploded. I gotta hand it to Anna Elena Nesmith (nee Price) for having a good head on her shoulders, literally. This woman was a machine gun, firing off one trivia after another, gradually educating me about the Mayans and kuru and planners and teas with Scotch and wars and different countries and chicken cordon bleu.. I totally fell in love with her relationship with the people around her outside her marriage. The initially awkward and tense meeting with Frank, the warm kinship between her and feisty Lila, the weird but colorful tandem of Clarence and Jojo, the beautiful friendship from the State Department people (Helen, you’re my favorite!), and soon the hilariously casual bantering between Anna and Caburn had me smirking and grinning like a dog at the end of the book.

Jackie Weger is a gem. I found her writing very unique and comfortable and so annoyingly beautiful. No Perfect Secret is such a perfect read! I wouldn’t want it any other way. Now let me indulge in Anna’s double chocolate fudge cake which she baked and graciously shared after her wedding before Clarence aka Savannah comes back for second helping. Yum!


I liked the fact that the characters are aged between 30-40 years and the most interesting one is 90 years old. Love love love these people!



Review: Days Like This by Danielle Ellison


Days Like This

coffeesynopsisdSometimes the only thing standing between fear and hope is you.Almost a year ago, nineteen-year-old Cassie Harlen had a lot to deal with. A stack of college acceptance letters waiting for answers, a proposal from the boy next door, and a mother whose most recent bipolar episode left Cassie hurt and confused. Tired of cleaning up the messes caused by her mother’s disorder, of resenting her mother for not being there, and scared of being trapped by an inevitable future—which included marrying Graham Tucker—Cassie did the only thing she could think of to keep from ending up like her mother: she left.

Graham never knew why Cassie walked away. He woke up one morning and she was gone—along with the life that he’d created around her. After eleven months, Graham has a new plan for his future. One that doesn’t involve Cassie Harlen.

When Cassie’s mom nearly burns down her house, Cassie’s forced to return home. Back to a mother she’s tried to ignore and the guy she’s been unable to forget. Graham doesn’t know how he’s going to spend the whole summer living next door to the person who broke his heart without letting those old feelings push through to the surface.

Neither does Cassie.


Days Like This is a story about a woman who ran away from the promise of a marriage and from the sick mother who needed her the most. A story about a woman who came back hoping for a second chance.Honestly, I don’t know what to feel. I think, this novel is bone-crushingly sad. It crushed me and made me sad. I may not know a lot about bipolar disorder, nor have I encountered anyone who has it, but I think I can feel the pain they themselves feel when they couldn’t control themselves and let their alter-ego take its place.

But what I also don’t get is how and why Cassie behaved worse than her mom. I simply didn’t like the idea of her running away, just because she heard her mom say something about her dad and why he left them. I thought that she could have had a talk or confrontation with her mother when she was on her happy days. Or maybe she should have had told Graham about her dilemma.

Of course, I also realized that this book won’t be possible if things were left out settled at the beginning of the story. I wouldn’t be having this review if what I wanted to happen, happened. You know what I mean.

Somehow, deep inside me, I knew that I really liked Days Like This. That deep inside, I could feel the pain endured by all the characters, from Cass to Graham, from her mom to her bestfriend June, from her ex Rohan to Graham’s girl, Molly. This is indeed a story with complications, with a little mystery and with a wide impact.

Danielle Ellison wrote a novel that pierced my heart. She’s a competent author who can give the readers a glimpse of the good, the bad and the ugly that is called life. Kudos to Ellison for a great piece of fiction!

Oh, before I forget, please allow me to grin a little, smile a little and scream a little because I’m seriously gushing over the book cover! Yes, seriously, how incredibly beautiful is this? During days like this when I see a cover that really captivates me, it gives me more satisfaction while reading it.
I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.