New Release: HUNT THE NIGHT by Everly Frost

✨ Hunt the Night by Everly Frost is LIVE!! ✨ 

And available on Kindle Unlimited.

Hunt the Night is an urban fantasy romance, enemies to lovers.

Dragon shifters versus Angels!


The angels only let me out to hunt.
But it’s not demons I’m sent to destroy—it’s dragons.
I’m corrupted. My soul was impure at birth. I’m an angel born with an insatiable need for vengeance so intense that they caged me, branded me, and kept me in the dark.
I’ve been promised purity and redemption, freedom from my cage. Failure is not an option. My soul depends on it.
I must hunt the Dread—a merciless clan of dragon shifters whose true nature reveals itself in the dead of night. For once my killer instincts might set me free.
But one mistake is all it takes.
One moment that costs me my freedom once more.
Now, my life rests in the hands of Callan Steele, a Dread dragon whose touch sears my corrupted soul.
He makes a claim on me that can’t be true. He tells me that my wings are not my own. That my strength is stolen. And that the fire in my angelic heart belongs to him.
That I belong to him.
Some angels fall, but I won’t crash and burn.

Everly Frost is the USA Today bestselling author of New Adult urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels. She spent her childhood dreaming of other worlds and scribbling stories on the leftover blank pages at the back of school notebooks. She lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and two children.


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