Book Review: THE ITER by Aubrie Nixon

✨⚡️☄️Congratulations AUBRIE NIXON on the release of her newest short story, THE ITER. 💥🔥

I bought it just an hour ago and I was astonished!  The Iter was a mind-blowing read, really! It was dark — intensely dark and terrifying — but also exquisitely written and beautifully narrated. My imagination went wild. At first, I thought it reminded me of the Japanese practice of serving sushi on a female body called nyotaimori, but as the story progressed, my mind was blown away by the twists and cuts and that bloody heart… oh my!

Believe it or not, this may have been only a short story, but I found it packed with awesome sauce! Makes you crave for so much more, literally! Loved it! I can say this over and over again. Can’t wait to read more! (Now, if only Amazon could post my review on their site……. ugh)

In this life, Aubrie Nixon is an author, an editor, a coach, a creator, a designer, a human. (although she wishes she was Fae).

As an Extroverted Empath, Aubrie sees herself at the beginning of her journey of Awakening. Day or night, Aubrie actively pursues self-empowerment. “My vibrations are changing through my meditation and dream walking.” She passionately pursues every opportunity along her path by, using her knack for connecting with anyone, her empathy, and creativity.


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