Coping with Change

I’ve been away from the book blogging community for so long, even my bookstagram had been abandoned for the last seven months, and I really feel guilty for not updating this blog. For that, I am sorry. Good thing is, I still read books, at least three or four in a month. Yes, I read about 1 book per week, and believe me, that’s quite an improvement compared to being a non-reading couch potato last year. I was so engrossed with work and taking care of my kids that I wasn’t able to hold a book for two or three months.

And now I am back here in my blog, and I am astounded by the changes I see here. I, for the life of me, am having a hard time writing this post because the usual WordPress editor I’ve been accustomed to using is gone! Poof! This new WP editor is really giving me a headache. Where’s the old WordPress where I can freely add images or links without having to choose or add blocks and modes whatsoever?

I am sorry I am ranting, I just wish I could still go back to the old editing technique. If anyone else share my concern, or if you have suggestions or ideas on how to go back to old WordPress, please leave a comment or message me. Thank you.

Until then, hello everyone and thank you for reading this 🙂 I miss you all, bookworms!

3 thoughts on “Coping with Change

  1. I agree about the Block Editor! At first (back in October or so), they changed it in a way that eventually worked for me…and then another change came along last week or so, and I am struggling. And cursing!

    I have sent emails to the support team and they have given me some help…but the new editor is so clumsy that I cannot maneuver easily. At all.

    I wish you luck, since they seem determined to mess with our lives! LOL

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    1. Hi Laurel 🙂 yes, indeed WP is determined to mess with us. It seemed like my blogging life is doomed. I am thinking of moving back to Blogger/Blogspot but I don’t know if the display settings here on WO would work on Blogspot. I’ll be emailing WP support team, too, to see if there are some workaround that I can try.

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  2. I’m not loving it either. Way easier before! I still use WP for my books, but for my restaurants website, I let my Yellowpage people take over hosting and making changes when I ask. I had my restaurant WP site hacked so many times.At one point it looked like a terrorist recruiting site, and another time a porn site — and we are family restaurants! Actually – pretty funny.

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