Review: Online Dating by Mika Jolie

Online Dating by Mika Jolie

Touch screens, GPS, artificial hearts.
The 21st century has birthed some amazing inventions. And yet, dating has somehow become more complicated than ever before.
I have a decent life: a job I love, a new house in a great city, and a best friend who is always there for me.
Now, I have two priorities left to tackle.
1. Find someone to date.
2. Confront the annoying neighbor I can’t seem to pin down.
With all the twenty-first century has to offer, how hard can those things possibly be?

Quite the tandem we got here. Brie wasn’t much of a fan of online dating, much less the Internet. But there’s always the first time. When Brie and Jake met on an online dating app, it proved to be both entertaining and disastrous adventure, at least on Brie’s part. Until she met the perfect one. Or so she thought..

I had short yet sweet and sexy time reading this Mika Jolie story and as per usual, she always manage to get me smiling all throughout the day. It’s quite different from the other stories I read from her, which really pleased me and most of the time, had me in tears. Online Dating really made me laugh my butt off and made me forget about the craziness around the world, at least for about an hour. Always a pleasure reading a Jolie!!

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