ARC Review: The LoopBreaker by Russ Thompson

Sixteen-year-old Lee Ann must face the tragedy of the loss of her mother along with the culture shock of moving in with her father in the tiny town of Laverne. Having grown up in the suburbs, she had no desire to return to this piece of nowhere nestled in the wooded hills of Tennessee where she was born but left when she was very young. Lee Ann has trouble fitting in at her new school, quickly bumping heads with the school bully, but she soon finds her tribe with her new friends, David, Katrina and Jasmine.

Lee Ann begins to explore the surrounding woods of the wildlife preserve adjacent to their property, and soon begins to hear strange sounds that resemble a human voice. Soon she begins to see apparitions in the woods from another time, plaintively seeking her aid. Lee Ann realizes quickly that she is the only one who can see and hear what’s taking place and that these souls are being drawn to her. After some research and the help of David, Katrina and Jasmine, Lee Ann learns about the legend of Thief’s hollow, a story the town citizens use to explain the strange goings on in the area. As the hauntings intensify, scenes unfold before Lee Ann that contradict the stories she’s heard and read about. Lee Ann comes to the realization that she is uncovering a shameful and tragic event connected to her own family that the town sought to cover up while at the same time, dealing with the reality of her unique abilities.

With the help of the town psychic, Felicity, Lee Ann seeks to aid the lost souls to break out of the loop they are caught up in as they constantly repeat the last moments of their lives. On the anniversary of the tragic events, Felicity helps Lee Ann to let go of her fear and grief, which are blocking her natural ability to help the lost souls, enabling her to help them cross over to a new plane of existence. Once the town’s residents learn about the real story of Thief’s Hollow, the town of Laverne is forced to face the truth, reaping confusion and debate. LeeAnn, however, had begun the healing process as she releases the grief and trepidation that had haunted her, settling into her new life.

This has been a very entertaining & heartwarming story of mystery that also deals about love for family, establishing friendships and forging a relationship with the ones who matter to you. Lee Ann Daniels, unfortunately, had to experience being orphaned by her mom in order to realize that there are also a lot of other people who care about her.

Reconnecting with her father was not an easy feat, living with her stepmother was a surprise, and meeting new friends like David, Katrina & Jasmine, who didn’t think of her as the weird newcomer was a breath of fresh air. Discovering about a secret about the town she moved into was another idea, and hearing voices inside her head, well, that surely didn’t make settling back into Laverne easier.

Russ Thompson crafted a story that celebrates women, friendship and love. Lee Ann Daniels is a very interesting character, shy at first but came of age once she learned more about her self. Her father and newfound friends also had their distinct personalities that gets built over time. The Loop Breaker, the souls that need saving and the unexpected dark secret that the town held gives the story more depth. There’s actually a lot more to look forward to in this series, given Lee Ann Daniel’s gift and circle of friends. I am interested in seeing where the writer will take us next!


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