Review: Six Weeks of Loving You by Karli Perrin


Six Weeks of Loving You
by Karli Perrin

The news reporters called it a disaster.
The doctors called it a miracle.
I could still walk. I could still talk. I could still remember every little detail about the train crash.
Until I couldn’t.
Six weeks later, I lost my memory.
I woke up believing that it was the morning of the accident.
Six weeks after that, it happened again.
I have retrograde amnesia. I’ve damaged a part of my brain which allows me to recall the recent past. In other words, I have an extremely limited short-term memory – six weeks to be exact.
The train derailed eighteen months ago.
I’ve relived that morning twelve times.
When I meet Spencer Hale, I put up a huge fight.
I won’t let him in. I can’t let him in. But with each day that passes, my walls begin to come down.
I get one step closer to loving him.
And one step closer to losing him.
Welcome to the train wreck that is my life.


Unforgettable and beautiful!

I don’t know why it took me a couple of months before I read this book. I guess the pandemic has a way of bringing out the best and worst in people, and in my case, it made me a forgetful person.

Which coincidentally this book is all about.

Imagine having an amnesia where you lose your memories every six weeks. It may seem impossible to think about it, but my friend Google tells me things like this happen. The moment I came to realize about Cora’s condition, I knew her story is going to make it to my newest favorite list. And then there’s Spencer Hale..the book boyfriend I, as well as million other readers, love to read about and dream about. The epitome of true love.

I can’t fully enumerate the number of times this book made me cry and wished Spencer Hale was a real man instead of being just a book boyfriend. He is one of a kind.

Here’s the thing. While I was reading this book, I thought I was the one with amnesia so I kept asking my own husband and kids if I told them something about my self or something that happened in the past. They look at me with raised eyebrows, maybe they thought I was a little weird. Well, I’d like to blame Cora and Perrin for that, because this story felt so surreal. I don’t know how to describe it, but I feel like there’s been something that I’ve been missing in my life and I need to know about it.

Once again, Karli Perrin makes me wish I’ve been living in her world and meeting all these wonderful characters. I love love love how the story started and ended, although I am still clamoring for so much more. Truly this has been an unforgettably beautiful book!




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