Review: Devil Side by Lacey Dailey

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Devil Side
(Extraordinary #4)
by Lacey Dailey

Unable to continue living on the path her father created for her, Gigi Moretti does something she’s never done before.

She takes a risk.

When musician Maxwell Mitchell waltzes into an old diner in the early morning up to his elbows in secrets, he offers Gigi the perfect escape from the future she’s never wanted.

It takes an over the top demand from her father and a shocking revelation from her fake fiancé to get her to pack her bags and ride shotgun on Max’s spontaneous tour across the country.

With each mile they drive, Max and Gigi grow closer. Over shared hotel rooms and cheesy snacks, feelings erupt and change the status of their relationship. The deeper they fall, the closer Gigi gets to the truth…

To Max’s devil side…

The question is: why is Max hiding him from her?


This book came as a surprise to me. I mean, when I bought it, I just read the blurb and thought, hmm, this is interesting. When I finally got to read it earlier this month, I know I’ve scored a gem!

Gia Moretti is sick and tired of her father’s manipulation and control on her life. So when the opportunity comes for her to go cross country and spend days with someone she already knows, she immediately defies her father’s wishes and hops on Max Mitchell’s car. I love how determined and passionate Gia is with her newfound freedom and commitment to her friend, Max and his blossoming career as a musician. Even if she knew there’s something Max is hiding from her.

I love how Max is different from all the other musicians I’ve come to know. His story is very much different, there’s something sinister about his alter ego that makes me want to protect him at all cost. He lives in two different worlds, yet I love him for all that he is. I don’t know how Lacey does it, but she always manage to hook me up in her world. Devil Side is an emotional, deep, beautiful and wonderful read.



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