Choice 1, 2 or 3?

Hi bookworms! I hope everyone’s being safe at home wherever you are. While the lockdown may have been lifted in other countries, there’s still some of us who are are still under quarantine, and still others are suffering the second wave of COVID-19. When we come out of this mess, we are all going to celebrate life, nature, and health.

In other news, I am (again) making some changes on my blog. (for the *nth time). Last night, I have created three banners that could replace the one I am using right now. I would very much like to get your opinions or vote for this three that I made. There is no right or wrong answers here, only a survey where you will answer 1, 2 or 3.. Just tell me your answers via the Comments section below. Thank you for your help.









I may or may not be doing a new promotional gig for authors in the future… creating banners, scheduling book tours, hosting events, and the likes.. Your support is very much appreciated.

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