Book Reviews to be posted soon!


HI everyone! I know I’ve been gone for weeks and weeks and haven’t posted much of my reviews. I was able to read at least 5-7 books during the almost-two months quarantine period; not a bad feat considering my current work-at-home / teach-kids-at-home situation.

This lockdown is slowly taking its toll on me. I have never been this tired all my life. Kids demanding attention here and there, making food/meals for them and all day thinking what to put into their mouths the next day. Plus there’s work that needs to be accomplished – I’m not complaining, my bosses are so considerate and understanding to me, they help immensely with my finances.

So I sincerely apologize to the authors whom I haven’t contacted because I haven’t submitted my reviews. I also have this issue with Amazon not posting my book reviews, which really suck. But I promise to come back again and post all my reviews really really soon!!

Stay safe everyone, stay indoors and together, we can make it through this crisis. Love you all, bookworms!


Claire, the Coffeeholic Bookworm


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