Review: That Old Witch by MZ Andrews

That Old Witch!
(Coffee Coven’s Capers #1)
by M.Z. Andrews

There’s a new squad in town…

Seniors, Phyllis Habernackle and Char Bailey are witches with a problem. Dealing with the recent loss of one of their oldest and dearest college friends, the women discover the dearly departed has bequeathed her estate to them! Unfortunately, she didn’t leave it only to them. She also left it to two other old witches. Decades ago, the five women had been inseparable while together attending the Paranormal Institute for Witches, situated high in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains in cozy, Aspen Falls, Pennsylvania. But thanks to a betrayal no one saw coming, they’ve been feuding ever since.

Now the four witches, along with one geriatric mother, must come together to discover what tore them apart all those years ago and unravel a new mystery that is bigger than any of them could have ever anticipated. Will it pull them closer together? Or will the wedge that kept them apart for decades widen and ruin their friendship forever?

Let me tell you, I had the most interesting and bewitchingly funny week reading That Old Witch by MZ Andrews. Each day that I read about the five elderly witches who were trying to “sleuth” their way to discover who murdered their long-time friend, I can’t stop myself from grinning and laughing so hard. This coven is giving a whole new meaning to the adage, “Age is just a number”.

Hazel Prescott may be the oldest among the group, but she’s the liveliest, loudest and funnest of them all. Yes, she’s so much fun to be around, wreaking havoc to the village and causing misery to her daughter, Gwynnie. Speaking of the witch, Gwyn is the exact opposite of her mom – she’s so uptight, a little prude and in control. Next favorite of mine is Loni Hodges, most hysterically mysterious and paranoid among the five. Her disguises had me laughing all the way down to Aspen Falls and her affinity to cats made me love her even more. Phyllis Habernackle and Charlotte Bailey, they’re a cute tandem, both have families of their own and a cat to boot, but I still have yet to discover more about them.

So far, so good, really. Their little coffee coven got me up and hooting three nights in a row; if not for work or for my kids, I could have finished reading the whole book in one night. I really love the antics and the misadventures that these old witches had been through. Imagine a very old grandmother hot-wiring a car in the middle of the night while her companions are on a stakeout – now that’s really something, right?

Will be spending the next few days reading about Hazel and her “trip” to Las Vegas, so hang on tight, witches!

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