Review: A Dating Survival Guide for Witches by Mysti Parker

A Dating Survival Guide for Witches

Magic and Mayhem Universe
by Mysti Parker

The road to hell is paved with bad dates.

After a magical mishap with my ex-boyfriend, you can’t blame me for being a little skittish about relationships. But work is all kinds of stressful, so I’m venturing out into the supernatural dating scene.

Dating supernaturals isn’t for the faint of heart, however, nor is it for witches like me who are totally incompetent with magic. So, I need a dating Sherpa, STAT. Surprisingly enough, I find one in a vampire woman named Wren.

Each date presents its own weird challenges, and it’s just my luck that one of them has the potential to unleash something that could destroy our little town of Assjacket, West Virginia and everyone in it.

No pressure.

With the help of my new kick-ass vampire friend, a sexy AF bodyguard, a rat, a cat, and a warlock named Pete, I have no choice but to stop being a screwup and save the town. If I ever want nookie again, that is.

Oh, my.. this magic and mayhem and madness really got me going mad for witches and warlocks, vampires and werewolves, shifters and aliens, demons and angels.. All Supernaturals unite in this hilarious dating guide,(not only for witches, mind you!) that will surely make you roll over your grave laughing out loud.

I am a big fan of Robyn Peterman; I’ve read her paranormal romances/supernatural series like Fashionably Dead, Shift Happens and Magic & Mayhem. Mysti Parker is also another author I adore so much, her contemporary and ridiculously sexy romances in Beach Pointe drive me crazy and make me swoon. So when I learned that she had infiltrated the Magic and Mayhem universe, I knew I had to read this Dating Survival Guide for Witches. And it sure was the most fantabulously magical experience ever!

Carly was a toy shop owner and witch who didn’t really know how to use her powers properly. Well, she could utter a spell to remove stains in clothes, but aside from that…Well, let’s just say, her bewitching side didn’t particularly make her ex-boyfriend happy, although there’s a big improvement to his “asset”. Thus her need for a dating survival guide.

The dating mishaps and adventures Carly has had really got me shrieking like a hyena. OMG, this book is a laugh trip from start to finish. I’ve never laughed so hard in a while. All the characters are hilarious; seriously, all of them people and supernaturals of Assjacket, Virginia!! Ben, bless his big heart and maybe equally big weenies, I mean love for Carly even after their split, made me smile. It was also nice to see Zelda the witch again (I loved her in Switching Hours) and her shifter husband. Angelo was unexpected, as well as Pete, and also those mysterious dolls that made this whole story very interesting.

Mysti Parker never fails to amaze me!! Can’t wait to read more from the Magic and Mayhem universe!!

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