ARC Review: Pitcher by Kristy Marie

A Commander in Briefs novella
By Kristy Marie

No one needs that many hookups!
Not even soon to be major league pitcher, Theo Von Bremen.
So, I help him by routinely thinning out his contact list—because I’m the best roommate ever. And he’s optimal baby daddy material.
For me—not Amanda 1, 2, or 3.
But since the man can’t take a hint; I’ll continue to spray his sheets with my perfume and accidentally leave my panties in his laundry.
That has to be enough to break a man eventually. Right ?

O. M. G.

If I thought I’ve had enough and couldn’t get away from all the alpha males I’ve encountered from the other books I’ve read, I am now clearly mistaken. Because not only is Theo Von Bremen the shrewdest hot tamale there is, he is also the most possessive, most aggressive and most obsessive pitcher boyfriend Anniston and I have ever met. And to think that he’s got an equally delicious twin at that!

Orphaned at an early age, Anniston McAllister did her best to live like a normal child despite her condition. Her grandparents Hines and Grace were her rock and pillar. And when she met twins Theo and Thad Von Bremen, she thanked her lucky stars for bringing them into her life. But it was Theo who really got her all hot and bothered.

If Anniston was manipulative and intimidating, Theo was even worse. They actually complemented each other with their outrageous methods on how to get rid of each other’s potential lovers. Omg, I couldn’t with this two.

The pitcher and the cheerleader. Both alphas in their own right. Both miserably hide their feelings away while both couldn’t get enough of each other.

This is a must read novella for all Theo VonBremen swooners out there, like me. A better way to understand the kind of lover he is and a better way to discover Anniston’s deep personality. Major props and kisses to author Kristy Marie for a great novella, you’ve outdid yourself again and again!!


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