Review: Survival of the Richest by Skye Warren

Survival of the Richest
(The Trust Fund Duet #1)
by Skye Warren

A Park Avenue princess…
My story starts with a plunge into the cold water of Manhattan’s harbor. A strong hand hauls me back onto the deck of the luxury yacht. Christopher was supposed to be my enemy, the son of my father’s latest wife. Instead he protects me with fierce determination when I need him most.

This tale begins with a fall, but it doesn’t end there.

Because another man wants me.

Sutton wants to consume me with a passion more feral than kind. In the lush emotional wilderness I’m not sure I want Christopher to save me this time…

Or if there will be anything left if he tries.

Harper St. Claire, Park Avenue princess, painter/artist extraordinaire, a woman of substance, a struggling heiress.

Christopher Bardot, cherished stepbrother, future billionaire, loyal trust-fund executioner, life saver, hesitant lover

Sutton Mayfair, delectable bachelor, fierce partner-in-crime, from rags to riches, to polygamous heartbreaker

You all need to meet them to understand them. You need to understand them to choose which one survives and which one to love. Choices.. Harper’s got two choices. But she could never reach a decision. Until she lost both of them.

Literally torn between two lovers, I’m feeling like a fool after reading this book. My first Skye Warren novel and it’s pure guilty pleasure. So sorry it took me exactly a year to start reading this. But it’s definitely worth it. Happy book birthday Christopher Bardot, Sutton Mayfair and Harper St. Claire. These characters are amazing. I couldn’t handle them three.. I’d be out of my mind just like Harper. If only I could have them both.

Skye Warren’s been known for her dark romances and titillating novels. I’d consider myself a virgin when it comes to her books, and now I’m an addict. I am clamoring for more hard-hitting stories from her, Survival of the Richest is the trigger that I need to satisfy my addiction. Can’t wait to read Warren again, soon!

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