Review: KIT (Carson Brothers) by SR Dyble

(Carson Brothers, Book 1)
by S.R. Dyble

After her family was brutally murdered, Eve decided one thing. Never to let anyone in. To never love again. EVER. That way, she wouldn’t ever feel that hurt again. For a year she’d done just that. All that was about to change when Kit Carson, a cocky Australian boxer randomly enrolled onto her photography course at college and pushed his way into her life. Kit was everything Eve hated about pretty boys. Only, he wasn’t a boy. He was all man. Despite her dislike for him, even she couldn’t deny her curiosity. Things were about to change drastically in Eve’s life, and secrets were about to spill out. All at the hands of Kit Carson.

This has been quite a roller-coaster ride. I thought this was just going to be a smitten woman’s story struggling to control her feelings for a man who was initially so infuriating and commanding. Eve didn’t want to complicate her life after her parents’ murder which she witnessed about a year ago. Meeting Kit and his brother Nick sent her questioning about the status of her heart and how they, (mostly Kit) had turned her world upside down.

Kit, along with his brothers, live together and share a special bond that sometimes called for mysterious situations. Initially interested in passing their photography subject, Kit and Nick easily became attached to Eve, a woman who wasn’t aware of her own beauty. Falling for Kit was easy, trusting him with her life was another story, but knowing about his true identity led her to question about herself and her family’s murder.

Like I’ve said, this had been a wild ride that got me on the edge of my seat. I love how the story flowed from non-condescending to full-blown suspense to a cliffhanging mystery. S R Dyble’s first novel is a well-written, full-on Alpha story that makes you want to strangle the male heroine, at the same time, love him till the end. The Carson brothers are up to no good, that I can be sure of, but they have the hots to keep me coming back for more.

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