Review: Sapphire and Planet Zero by Christina Blake

Sapphire and Planet Zero
by Christina Blake

Sixteen-year-old Sapphire Serel wants more out of her life. She lacks a close relationship with her parents, who fail to notice her. Day after day she feels herself drifting away from her once-close friends. However, it isn’t until people around the world start dying for unknown reasons that her life becomes exceptionally complicated. Sapphire’s life gets even stranger when her new cat, Toby, talks to her. He turns her world upside down, telling her that she is a creature from another planet! After hearing that she has a duty in a prophecy to save humanity from extinction, Sapphire believes she is going mad, but is taken aback when her Grandma confirms the facts. After struggling with who she really is, Sapphire comes to terms with her destiny. With the help of her humorous talking cat and charming ex-boyfriend, Sapphire embarks on her journey to Planet Zero.

What would you do if one day, a cat suddenly talked to you and told you that you are the Chosen One, destined to stop the deaths that’s been happening on Earth and on another planet?

A few days before her 16th birthday, Sapphire Serel was living her mundane life, with parents who barely paid attention to her, and friends who, most of the time, spent more time with their lover than her. Until one day, when a rescued cat talked to her and claimed that she was the one in the prophecy that would save humankind. It was only a matter of time before her Grandmother revealed her true nature and opened the portal to another planet she was destined to rescue.

Planet Zero… Before Earth, there was Planet Zero, a secret planet never to be known by any mortal, a safe haven for perfect creatures that have crystals running through their veins. For every thing that lived on Planet Zero, there’s a corresponding twin living on Earth. Except for one person – Sapphire. Could this be true? Or just a mere product of her grandmother’s fragrant potion? Is she really the chosen one?

Questions, questions, questions.. All these and more kept me up and going when I read this book by Christina Blake. It was an extremely enjoyable experience, being taken to another world and being able to talk to different creatures in another world. It was so good! The story played well with the reader. It’s not only Sapphire who risked her life to save the world, it’s also us (readers) who stood by her and didn’t leave her until the last page.

Another thing that shone in this book is the adventurous mystery hunt and the action that came with it. Every page promised something to look forward to, with its quirky characters and astounding world building, you can’t help but crave for more.

Sapphire Serel is an unlikely heroine who was also torn between two special people in her life. An unlikely love story in the midst of a sorcery and fantasy. Although there were topics of death and corruption in the book, it was such an entertaining book that I’ve even read this to my oldest son (who just turned 13 and loves reading) and when I asked for his feedback, he said, Sapphire and Toby are remarkable and the writing was captivating. A pawsitively fantastic read!

So there you have it. Two thumbs up from me and my mini-bookworm. I can’t wait to read Sapphire’s next adventures, to infinity and beyond!

Christina Blake is a seventeen-year-old author from Boston, Massachusetts who is paving the way to greatness with her debut novel, Sapphire and Planet Zero.
Christina found her passion as a novelist at twelve years old, when she started writing Sapphire and Planet Zero. When she finished the first draft of the novel a year later, she spent the next four years perfecting her masterpiece.
Now, after spending a half a decade on her labor of love, she couldn’t be more proud to share it with the world.
In addition to writing, Christina’s other hobbies include competitive figure skating and playing the piano.
Of course, when she is ready to relax and recharge, Christina also enjoys the serene moments of a day, spent watching a feel-good movie.

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