Review: Wild Desire by Toya Richardson


Wild Desire (The Protectors Book 1) 

Mila Stubbs is starting her dream job as a forest ranger. The downside, it’s close to where she grew up. After years of bullying at the hands of Drake Scott, and the death of her parents, she fled to the city. Now she’s back and has put her life in danger by doing so. She has no idea of the power which lies dormant inside her.

Elias Crane has been waiting his whole life for ‘The One’. A chance meeting with Mila in the forest changes his life forever. Even though he realises she has no idea what is going on deep undercover of the trees, and the untold connection between them, the powerful pull to her drives him to the edge of insanity.

As they become close, the danger for Mila escalates. Drake Scott and his father have plans for her. They want her for breeding purposes. And when she’s taken captive, Elias must reach her before it’s too late.


Mila Stubbs had escaped the city after her parents died. She knew there was some foul play involved in their death, so when she came back, she vowed to discover the truth and bring them to justice. Except, when she came back, she met someone who claimed to be his mate and she realized the powers that she never knew she possessed.

Elias Crane couldn’t believe his luck when he finally found Mila; he believed she’s his long lost mate. But Mila was unaware of her true self, and there was danger lurking behind the woods that would endanger not only her life but everyone else in his community.

Wild Desire is such a promising read. I’ve been reading paranormal/shifting stories lately and I’m glad that there are always something different being offered to the readers. I like how Alpha male Elias guarded and protected not only his mate but also his entire clan. I love how Mila wasn’t a weakling but a brave feisty woman who stood for what’s right and never backed down from the challenges thrown at her. There’s the issue about their kind who are being sought and captured in order to become experiments. There’s also the issue about other supernatural forces that may or may not be detrimental to the community’s welfare.

I can’t wait to read the next book in this series. Toya Richardson is like a charm and her story’s got potential and promise!


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