Review: Bless Her Dead Heart by Meg Collett

(The Righteous series # 1)
by Meg Collett

The day Loey Grace Keene and her best friends condemned a man to death was the day she knew she’d never leave Righteous, Tennessee. Running her grandparents’ coffee shop and old farm distracts her from the sins of her past. ’Course, that’s until she discovers the town’s preacher impaled in the cemetery’s oldest tree.

There ain’t never been a storm in Righteous like there was the day Jeronimo James blew into town. He might be Blackmore Baptist’s new preacher, but Loey’s instincts warn her to stay away from his black eyes, cowboy swagger, and motorcycle. His arrival on the heels of a murder, plus his odd questions about salted graves and hallowed ground, lands him smack dab at the top of her suspect list.

Loey’s search for the killer uncovers the magic beneath Righteous’s ancient superstitions and a family secret that further binds her to the town. For centuries, the Keenes have kept Righteous’s threads knotted together, but something sinister is tattering the Seam.

Unless Loey can catch the otherworldly killer and embrace her calling as a Keene, the Seam between Righteous and a pocket world will be ripped forever, unleashing a hungry, vengeful creature onto the God-fearing folk of Righteous.

Mysterious magic and power run deep in Righteous, and only after Loey Grace Keene witnessed the death of their beloved pastor and a new stranger came snooping in their town learned about the secrets and truths that Righteous was hiding. A murder mystery to solve, unknown dark creatures lurking the town and an ensemble of remarkably interesting characters abound this newest series from Meg Collett.

I don’t know how I was able to endure two nights of chillingly suspense story, I was really afraid to sleep because of the shadows or tattered lights that I might be seeing when I open my eyes. I swore to myself to stop reading when the clock struck midnight, but there was something about Jeronimo James and Loey Grace that kept me up all night. Something sinister yet still captivating and alluring at the same time. One thing was for sure though… The haunting visions of Jeronimo’s real identity and the eerie people of Righteous sure got me all wired up and now I couldn’t wait until I get to read the next book in the series. Bless Her Dead Heart is a stirringly creepy read and I am loving it!!

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