Review: Chasing Ivy by SJ Sylvis

Chasing Ivy (Oak Hill, #1)
by S.J. Sylvis

Six years ago, I had a best friend with sky-blue eyes, purposefully messy brown hair, and a body that made every single girl drool on sight. I would know—it drove me absolutely crazy…until I was the one doing the drooling.

Our days were filled with stomach-hurting laughter accompanied by easy conversation, and our nights were filled with secret, awkward teenage flirting.
But that was when Dawson was just my best friend. Nothing more, nothing less.

And then… it was more.

It’s a memory I pretend to see through blurry eyes, hazed by passing years of no communication. The one night that my heart was suddenly soaring through the starry night, only to catch fire as it rapidly descended seconds later.

Six years was a long time to get my heart under control. A lot has changed, and yet here I am, still drooling over Dawson—my ex best friend.

Teen-age sweethearts separated by a tragedy until they met again and turned into enemies.

They were barely teenagers when they met on the first day of middle school. Dawson Lanning and Ivy Collins. They became friends, best of friends, over the years. Both were attracted to each other, but neither confirmed or acted upon their feelings. That one day when they finally got their first kiss from each other, was also the last day they’d be together. A family tragedy brought forth a deluge of tears, separation, miscommunication and misunderstanding, until they met again after six years.

Hurt, betrayal and confusion clouded their emotions, thus making it hard for them to reconcile their feelings. But if there’s one thing I learned from this story, it’s that true love will always prevail, no matter the circumstances. I wish I could understand Dawson’s moment of relapse when he fell for Brianna’s antics, I wish he didn’t have to feel like he was cheating at all because of what he felt for Ivy instead. I don’t know but I was really hurt. I felt what Ivy had felt, and so much more.

What I do love however, is how their slowly kindling romance found its way to their fiery burning love. Dawson and Ivy’s second chance romance will certainly tug at your heartstrings. This is my second SJ Sylvis book and she never disappoints. Her stories bring joy and fire to my heart.

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