Review: Home for Christmas by Melissa McClone

Home For Christmas
(Bar V5 Ranch Book 1)
by Melissa McClone

A touch of ginger.
A dash of spice.
A cowboy and a pastry chef…
A recipe of naughty and nice.

Spending the holidays with her brother after hitting a crossroads in her career, Rachel Murphy keeps her dream of owning a pastry shop alive by creating custom gingerbread houses for clients in a small Montana town. And her Christmas wish list keeps growing this year—a bigger kitchen, a family, a place to call home…and maybe someone to share it all with.

When handsome dude ranch owner Nate Vaughn grants one of Rachel’s Christmas wishes—offering her a workspace of her own—she can’t refuse. As they grow closer, Rachel and Nate find more than pastries heating up in the kitchen. Is mixing business with affairs of the heart a recipe for disaster? Or will all of Rachel’s wishes come true?

Pastry chef Rachel Murphy travels to Montana to be with her brother, Ty Murphy of the Bar V5 Dude Ranch, after her longtime dream crashes and her friends betrayed her. It’s the holidays, so it is the perfect time to spend Christmas with her only family. But Rachel isn’t there just for Ty, but also to forget a devastating experience in Phoenix. She’s not on the lookout for love either, but if she’ll have her way, food is definitely is going to set her in the mood.

Co-ranch owner Nate Vaughn graciously fulfills Rachel’s dreaming of having her own kitchen for her pastry shop needs. But he tries to steer clear of having any romantic relationship with her, and vice versa. He knows fraternizing with your business partner’s sister is a bad idea. Now, if only that was possible in Rachel’s kitchen.

I love how this story went. A quick, simple read with all the romantic feels without having to resort to hot bed scenes. Because, sometimes you just need this kind of feel-good emotions and happy, smiling, dreamy face when reading about two contradicting people and how they worlds turned around.

If you want to feel like having Christmas in the wintery mountains and indulging in warm hugs and cuddles in front of a warm fireplace, with cookies and Ginger Bread house right within your reach, Home for Christmas by Melissa McClone is the perfect book to read.

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