Review: Three More Wishes by Elise Sax

Three More Wishes Series
(Five More Wishes #1-3)
by Elise Sax

Blown Away
Journalist Millie Mossberg has four positive pregnancy tests in her purse. Four. The problem is that Cade Reed, her aggravating — and crazy hot — colleague is the father-to-be of this secret baby. She’s got to tell him about the bun in her oven, but she’s still wishing that the pregnancy tests were duds. While they cover a story about a deposed dictator, they’re trapped in a runaway hot air balloon. Will they plummet to their death? Will these friends turned lovers admit their love for each other? And most importantly, will they figure out how to have sex in a balloon basket?

Inn & Out
Beryl Meyer is a bum magnet. Her latest bum boyfriend was responsible for sending Beryl to prison for a crime she didn’t commit. Tired of bad relationships and sworn off men, Beryl learns that she’s inherited an old inn on Summer Island. She plans on selling the rundown house, in order to start a new life, but when she arrives on the island, she discovers that she’s only inherited half of the inn, and the other half now belongs to an ornery and hot ex-navy SEAL. Thor Stockman wants to run the inn, throwing a wrench into Beryl’s plans. Now she’s stuck in the inn, even though she wants out, and her vow to keep away from men is being tested by the hot hunk in the next room.

Quick Bang
Norma Blaze is off limits to her brother’s best friend, Stone Jenkins. But that doesn’t stop him from eating at Norma’s café every evening. The Blue Plate Special is good, but Stone craves more forbidden fruit and only has eyes for Norma. When a huge storm hits Summer Island, Stone checks up on Norma as the lights go out, and the two finally let their desires take over. Just as they think they’ve reached their happily ever after, someone crashes their party and the night takes a dangerous turn. It’s up in the air whether they’ll survive the night or if their attraction is true love or merely a Quick Bang.

This is my second trilogy by Elise Sax and just like the first time (in the Five Wishes series), I’ve been rolling on the floor laughing and shrieking with madness due to the hilarity of these three romantic comedies.

It’s been nonstop fun and laughter as we get to know more people from Summer Island as they toss their coins and take their chances with the dilapidated magic wishing well.

There’s Cade and Millie who were blown away literally with a deranged despo trying to avoid jail time. Journalists Cade and Millie were like cats and dogs, not the best of friends but they love to hate each other and vice versa. When the opportunity to interview an infamous politician had come their way, both Cade and Millie tried to outdo each other to get that coveted byline, until things went awry.

What happened next involved a hot air balloon with a lunatic jumping overboard, crazy Mexicans with bullets at the ready, a copious amount of illegal contraband and stolen cars and a baby to seal the deal.

Sounds crazy enough? Wait till you get to book 2, which begged the question, are you INN or are you Out? Beryl just got out of prison and she’d inherited a mansion at Summer Island which was in dire need of renovation. A couple of contractors and a number of broken limbs after, Beryl must decide whether to take chances with the other owner of the house, Thor (yep, that’s his name!) Or just leave and take her inheritance money and spend her days with vanilla lattes.

One thing I was sure though… Beryl Meyers can charm a crocodile any given day.

Which could have been really helpful in book 3, when hometown girl Norma encountered a fugitive hiding in her friend’s bathroom while she was dogsitting. Good thing Stone was there to rescue her, but why couldn’t she behave like a normal lady when he’s around?

A quick bang of the gun and chasing in the rain might just to the trick, but for what it’s worth, Norma sure had been one feisty girl.

Loved all the stories in this next installment, had a lot of laughs and tears and chuckles and sniffs. Elise Sax definitely is the master of hilarious romances, her short witty stories need to be turned to romcom shows and have a spot in Netflix!

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