Cover Reveal: Disorderly by Hazel Grace

(Deceived Duet Book 1)
by Hazel Grace

This isn’t what I wanted for my brother and sister, a life of fear and terrorizing nights. To save my siblings, I did the unspeakable, and it cost me the ultimate price.
Now, I’m going to war with the monster who took it upon themselves to rip my life apart.
Before I can even hit the ground running, I’m literally struck by a woman with blush colored lips and a body that makes me fall into a haze of lust and desire.
Two things I can’t deal with, especially when I know it could bring the battle right into her backyard.
In the end, it does, because I’m certain she’s seducing me for another reason, other than just being with me.

I like normal, plain and simple.
So when I arrive in a new town looking to conquer the townspeople’s taste buds with my bakery, it’s a dream come true as I watch it to fruition.
It feels normal.
Until this rugged man I ran into by chance keeps running into me time and time again.
Muscles, tattoos and eyes that could devour me whole, I’m starting to think normal may be just a little too simple for me. because when his hands are on me, all I want to do is close my eyes and relish the way he sets me on fire.
But as quickly as it starts, it all comes crashing down.
He ripped not only my heart out, but my whole soul too.

Hazel Grace is an avid lover of music, Mountain Dew, Gene Kelly and Funyuns. Her writing started off as a hobby, wanting to create and advocate a new world with different characters and plots. But after watching indie authors publish and create their worlds, she jumped in, wanting to make a dent within the romance world.

Hazel loves to hear from her fans! Please contact her at

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