Review: Even At Your Darkest by AJ Love

Even At Your Darkest
by AJ Love

Life being Layton Parks isn’t easy. Everything she touches seems to just fall apart at her fingertips – the air conditioning, the coffee maker, her ability to say no. A push over at heart, Layton does what she’s told, when she’s told. With two jobs bleeding her dry, she barely has time to register the rut she seems to have fallen in. Despite this, she’s okay with her life. It’s simple and uncomplicated.

Until it isn’t.

Kane Thatcher doesn’t need any help in being broken because he’s already a walking mass of shattered shards. Unlike Layton, Kane is no one’s Yes Man. After a split decision three years previous turned his world upside down, he’s finally living independent, with no one to worry about but himself.

Until he isn’t.

He’s curious about her, and determined to make her stand up for herself and be who she wants to be.

She’s a little scared of him, yet knows there’s a softer side of him hiding behind all the hate.

Will they bring out the best in each other, or will outside obstacles force out the worst? Will hate win over love, or will they be able to navigate their way through it together?

Layton Park’s chosen profession may be frowned upon, but being a stripper was one thing that gives her roof and food. When things got sketchy in her workplace, it was only a matter of time before danger and peril caught up to her.

Kane Thatcher’s dark past prohibited him from moving forward and accepting the truth, so it was understandable why he was antagonistic at first. Tinkering with his new neighbor’s apartment and fixing vehicles helped put his mind away from the nastiness of his past, but nothing could get him away from his mom and the truth about his family.

My first book by AJ Love and I was mesmerized by the story and the characters that resonate well with the readers. I loved how Layton was characterized – young but mature, brazen but intimately shy, nervous but strong and in-control. Kane on the other hand, may be stand-offish and quite overbearing, but this giant of a man got a soft heart and beautiful soul.

I liked how Layton and Kane met, unconventional, uncharacteristic and hostile. Both didn’t want to be around each other yet there’s something about their personalities that draw them to one another. When Layton’s world seemed to be getting dark, there was Kane with his light shining at the end of the tunnel. I also loved how their status bloomed from belligerent next-door neighbors to concerned friends and eventually to something intimately deeper relationship.

Side Note: A story that features motorcycle clubs is a winner for me. I’ve always been fascinated with this kind of group and learning more about them makes me feel at ease with them.

Even At Your Darkest by AJ Love is a great read, full of action, silly laugh-out loud moments, intense heat and if you must know, this not only packs a punch, it also gives a whole new meaning about unconditional love.


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