Review: That Kind of Guy by Mina V. Esguerra

That Kind of Guy
(Chic Manila #5)
by Mina V. Esguerra


Yes, it’s true: “Good girl” Julie Crisostomo dated that guy Anton Santos for almost a year.

Julie is everyone’s loyal and concerned friend, but she has no experience being someone’s girlfriend. Then Anton, a “player” she never thought would be interested in her, swoops into her life and doesn’t seem to want to leave it.

Anton has dated a lot of women and is everyone’s “delicious distraction.” But he seems to have fallen hard for Julie—if only she believed him.

My Thoughts:

Anton U. Santos may have been a player in his younger years, but he was willing to change for the better when he met editor Julie Crisostomo, a quiet, level-headed woman who never had a boyfriend before. While Julie thought that she may not be the kind of girl that instantly attracted the opposite sex, there was something about her that made Anton (and another guy) fall for her. Something that turned Anton’s life upside down.

As a woman, Julie’s instinct about Anton kicked up a notch when she non longer felt comfortable with their situation. How could she ever believe what’s in front of her when all the universe seemed to conspire against her beliefs?

I’m quite surprised about how the characters managed to blow me away with their relationship. I honestly didn’t expect Julie’s method of really knowing the person that intrigued her. It made me realize Julie’s character is way more mature and deeper than how I deal with relationships. Her reasoning about her breakup and why she prefered the older version of Anton wasn’t really something I’ve thought of. I don’t know how to explain it, I thought there was something amiss with my reaction.

But in the end, I’ve come full circle and made me realize I still need more relationship lessons from Mina Esguerra herself. This awesome Filipina author never fails to surprise me with her stories. I’ve read about three or four of Mina’s books and I always end up learning something new. What I love most about her characters is that the readers aren’t only entertained, they also get the chance to contemplate and feel involved. That’s why I always trust Mina Esguerra to deliver a wonderful story.

I’ve always been a big fan of Filipino authors, writers, storytellers and am quite honored to have met a few of them in my lifetime. For this month, we are celebrating  to recognize, honor and commemorate talented Filipino writers and their exemplary stories. Mabuhay ang mga Akdang Pinoy!

My Rating:

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