New Release + Review: Waiting For Her by Jennifer Van Wyk

Waiting for Her
by Jennifer Van Wyk


Our relationship was such a cliché.

Friends to lovers. High school sweethearts.

Then… driven by insecurities, I broke Grady Ryan’s heart.

I was weak, afraid to love, and even more afraid to be loved.

There are secrets I’ve kept buried but I can’t forget what we once shared.

I’ve been given a second chance and this time, I’m prepared to fight for him.

After six long years of silence, Bri Jameson is back in my life.

I never expected to see her again, especially not to share in the biggest opportunity of my career.

When she walks toward me across my football field, I can’t stop my heart from racing.

But time hasn’t stopped me from knowing her – and I know she’s hiding something.

I can only hope whatever it is doesn’t ruin me.

I’ve finally moved on and I won’t fall into her trap again.

I wish I could tell my heart the same thing – it’s just been waiting for her.

My Thoughts:

A beautiful second chance romance that’s sure to tug at your heartstrings and be more in touch with your family and friends. Waiting For Her relates very well to most people because the characters in the book are realistic and likeable. I know some people could relate to Bri Jameson and Grady Ryan’s story, and I can’t help but gush over them.

Bri broke her high-school boyfriend’s heart when she decided to walk away from him and her hometown, following the devastating truth about her own father’s death. Grady was so hurt and emotional about their breakup and couldn’t bring himself to accept how it all unfolded.

Six years after no communication, Bri was back to cover the newest and youngest coach for Warrior’s football team, and that’s no one else but Grady Ryan, her high school sweetheart, her true love, her first and most painful breakup.

I cried a lot of moments in the book, mostly happy tears, because the scenes here also involved families – close-knit, protective families who would stand side-by-side each other and bring out the best in them. I love Grady’s parents, brother Cole and sisters Maggie and Harper. They’re all so adorable. And I also love their extended family, Mia, Brandon and the latest cutest addition to the brood, Jarrett.. Oh gosh, I’m already crying while writing this.

Then there’s Bri.. I wish I could say I understood her decision about breaking up with Grady in the first place, but I couldn’t really empathize with her. What I love about her though, was her resilience and resolve to make things right with Grady.

Waiting For Her is a wonderful story about love, commitment, devotion and forgiveness. Every hour and minute I spent with this book is definitely worth the wait. Cheers to Jennifer Van Wyk for a lovely, engaging and heart-warming story!


My Rating:

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