Review: Love Handles by Gretchen Galway

Love Handles

(Oakland Hills #1)

by Gretchen Galway


The world of fitness apparel isn’t ready for Beverly Lewis. She hates the gym, is nice to everybody, and shops at Ross Dress for Less. When she’s not teaching preschool, she’s wearing yoga pants . . . to nap in.

So when she inherits her estranged grandfather’s fitnesswear company in San Francisco, nobody expects her to keep it. Fite Fitness needs a heartless suit to save it from bankruptcy, not a thirty-year-old woman who cries when her students leave for kindergarten.

Someone like Liam Johnson. A former Olympic swimmer, Liam is Fite’s executive vice president. Unlike Bev, he’s devoted his life to Fite’s success. Managing one little preschool teacher—and his attraction to her—shouldn’t be an issue. Right?

But Bev’s tired of being underpaid and underrated, and refuses to step aside as an obedient figurehead. To everyone’s shock and horror, she moves up to San Francisco, sets up an office, and dives into the business. Nothing—not mockery, not exercise, not sabotage, not a disastrously hot night with her aggravating VP—is going to scare her away.

As Liam realizes she’s tougher than she looks, he discovers that losing Fite might not be nearly as bad as losing her . . .

A story about the pursuit of love, happiness, and the perfect yoga pants, Love Handles will speak to anyone who’s ever had to face the thing that scares her most.


My Thoughts:

“She closed and locked the door, letting out her breath in a whoosh. He was barefoot. Wearing an apron. In her kitchen. It’s true what they said about porn: you know it when you see it.”

Recently unemployed Beverly Lewis inherited her grandfather’s sports fashion business Fite Gear, but she had no intention of keeping it afloat. She was supposed to accept her aunt’s offer to buy her shares and sell the company, but a good-looking Olympic hottie and her grandfather’s protégé convinced her that she could revived Fite. Everyone at the office were feeling discouraged and unconvinced. It was a You and Me Against the World kind of problematic dilemma that they had to go through, but Bev and Liam were determined to see Fite rise again.

I think I found my spirit animal in this book. Plus sized Bev Lewis may not be the typical gorgeous and sexy heroine we all are accustomed to admire, but this beautiful, big and breathtaking lady surely captivated me with her wit, words, wisdom, and love for food and dislike for exercise. Oh no, don’t think of me as a slob, lazy, fat girl, because that’s not what I am. I admit I am a little plus size, too, i love eating, but I do jog and run about 5 Kilometers every morning starting at 4:30am. I still hate exercise though. Never had the patience to try on the elliptical and whatnot. The treadmill is fine, but don’t force me to do anything else.

Anyway, back to Bev.. She’s often misunderstood and belittled by her own family, doubted her abilities. And I always cringe whenever they deemed her incapable of making big decisions in her life. I love Bev because despite the initial brouhaha she’d experienced, she used it to her advantage and got herself up there proving to everyone that she can.

Liam, on the other hand, was quite the hero he was meant to be, except he faltered when he realized he was falling in love. I love how stubborn he was, how unpredictable and flawed. He was a Olympic swimming medalist, that’s for sure, an indispensable executive, but he was slowly drowning in the quicksand because of his feelings for Bev. He won my heart when he began eating Cheetos and got hurt physically fighting Bev’s sister. That was awesome!

Now, the mystery that surrounded the story was really unexpected. Broken windows, break-ins, sabotaged presentations, office kerfuffle- all these caused by one person I really didn’t expect. I couldn’t believe that person was capable of doing such things, and when the truth about its identity was revealed, I was on the floor, aghast and appalled. And here I thought I was already an expert in uncovering secrets and whodunits!

Gretchen Galway really did make me wonder all throughout the story and had me wrongly guessed the person involved in the mystery. Gotta hand it to her! Galway is an enigma herself! Now I can’t wait to start on Mark’s story next!

My Rating:

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