Review: The Wedding Season by Samantha Chase

The Wedding Season
(Enchanted Bridal #1)
by Samantha Chase

There were three guarantees in Tricia Patterson’s life:
1. Her friendship with Sean Peterson was rock solid
2. She had a career that she absolutely adored
3. This summer was going to be the death of her

With the proverbial “Always a Bridesmaid and Never a Bride” becoming her new mantra, Tricia didn’t know how she was going to survive this year’s round of weddings. Six of them this summer alone!

In an attempt to ward off the pity-party, her best friend Sean gives her the perfect solution to help her get through – he’ll pretend to be her boyfriend. While not certain that was going to be of any help, Tricia’s knows it also won’t hurt.

When circumstances beyond Sean’s control keep him from coming home to Tricia’s aid, he sends his brother Ryan in his place. Four years older than his brother and his best friend, Ryan isn’t sure why these weddings are such a big deal. He’s also not sure of what the exact nature is of this relationship between Sean and Tricia. And that’s becoming a big problem because the more time he spends with Tricia, the more he realizes that she’s the one he wants to plan a wedding with.

Just when I thought I’ve already read a lot of stories involving friends, here comes a “two brothers and a bestfriend” trope that has me giggling like a teenager and bewildered by the turn of events. The Wedding Season by Samantha Chase is a feel good story between best friends, meddling mommies and unsuspecting brother that is sure to win your heart out.

Sean Peterson and Tricia Patterson had been invited to their friends’ weddings the entire summer, and they’d agreed to attend each and everyone’s event. But an unfortunate accident caused Sean’s absence and his brother Ryan came to the rescue. Ryan Peterson was the quite brother, he’s not sociable nor the adventurous type, but he promised Sean that he’d take his place to be Tricia’s pretend boyfriend. Ryan wasn’t her best friend, but Tricia really need to make an appearance to the weddings, to avoid the pity looks and unwarranted sympathies from their friends. Could she really go out with her best friend’s brother?

So, there’s the gorgeous best friend and there’s the equally hot brother. I say, Tricia got the best of both worlds. How she would end up with any of them, I wouldn’t tell, but this I can assure you. Ryan and Sean both made my head spin and Tricia’s world definitely spun and turned upside down. Steph, the Peterson’s mother, was a hoot, I love this woman so much, I could cuddle her.

This isn’t my first time reading Samantha Chase. I remember loving the Callahan family in the Christmas Cottage series which I’ve read a couple of years ago. As expected, Samantha Chase’s characters are magical and free-spirited and intriguing. To some, they might think the stories are a little mushy or corny or too sweet, but for me, Chase’s romances are heartwarming.

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