Review: Paint by Murder by Amanda Siegrist

Paint By Murder
by Amanda Siegrist

A chilling scene. A gruesome murder. Multiple stab wounds and blood drenched everywhere. It’s only a painting.

Ginny Appleby doesn’t create works of art with beauty and happiness. She paints brutality, death, and the pain hidden inside. Detective Alex Brands will never understand that. He’ll never understand her and why she does what she does. Her life has always been filled with terror. And if he sticks around, he’ll die.

♡ Note: This is a romantic suspense short story inspired by weekly flash fiction I write. There is insta-love. Like, insta-insta-love. When they fall, they fall hard!

Ginny Appleby’s paintings are quite horrific and terrifying. Imagine a woman drenched in blood, strangled and beaten and has lifeless eyes. Now imagine that as a painting. Wouldn’t you get scared looking at it? But that’s how Ginny paints and shows how she feels and what she thinks about. Brutal yes, but honest.

Detective Alex Brands only has his eyes on Ginny Appleby, not because she’s attractive, but he suspects her of a murder. A murder that looks exactly like her painting. Woman drenched in blood. He doesn’t believe she did it, but he’ll go follow her even to the ends of the Earth if it’s the last thing he needs to do to uncover the mystery.

Paint by Murder is such a strong, vivid and terrific read. Amanda Siegrist writes with flair, earnest, conviction and brutality. While the author already warns the readers about the insta – love connection between the characters, I don’t mind it because there is depth in the story. This has been a short, heart-stopping suspense!

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