Review: The Crown Princess by Katherine Samuels

Today Kathleen Samuels’ is stopping by to share the release of her new romance, THE CROWN PRINCESS with us! Check it out and grab your copy today!

Title: The Crown Princess

Author: Kathleen Samuels

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Dependable Crown Princess of Cordova, Gwen, is dreading the day she gives up her life for her country. With the day of coronation looming, Gwen decides to make a bucket list of crazy things she wants to do before the big day. Taking her list, she travels to Las Vegas, a place where no one will question wild behavior and she can be just another normal person on vacation in sin city. Enlisting the help of Alex, a notorious entitled playboy, she finds herself checking off more than just the items on the list. Is she willing to risk it all and take a chance at falling in love?

Fiercely independent Alex, the black sheep of his family, was raised in the hotel business. Breaking out on his own, he built a successful Resort and Casino on the strip in Las Vegas. When Gwen asks for Alex’s help on completing her list of ‘bad girl’ activities he readily accepts. Who else knows how to let loose but the Billionaire Playboy himself. But as he starts helping her with the list, he begins to realize that this Princess might be worth trading in his bad boy image.

With just the right amount of intensity, a moment of swoon or three, a lifetime of laughter and cheers, a peek of happily ever after, plus a chain of resort hotels in the Sin City and a list of adventures of someone in line for the throne, things are heating up for The Crown Princess… and she’s only getting started…

Princess Gwendolyn, aka Gwen, is heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Cordova after her oldest brother relinquished his title. She can already feel the weight of the world, or of the kingdom, on her shoulders. Duty to the crown, duty to Cordova, that’s what they said. And Gwen knows she will be bound to that duty soon. But before expending her time and energy to such royal matters, she’s got a list of things she’d really love to do and accomplish. A list of quirky, crazy, exciting, fun and helpful things that she wants to do before sitting on that royal throne. And she needs to be in Las Vegas to do that.

Perennial playboy and Titan Hotel chains owner,  Alex Titan lives a free and crazy lifestyle with his adoring fans by his feet. But workwise, he’s much respected and revered, a clear contrast to how his father treated everyone else. To his father, Alex wouldn’t last long in the resort and casino business without the old mans help. When he meets Gwen, he’s unaware of her identity and she brings out the good and fun in him, and vice versa.. They’re perfect together, but secrets will definitely bring them apart.

This was a nice quick read. I love reading books that has royals in it, I am obsessed with all things monarchy and love getting juicy details about the prince and princesses from around the world. When the lead role is placed on a woman’s hands, that makes it all the more interesting to me. That’s  why I enjoyed reading about Gwen and her adventures. There’s also dependable Alex Titan who manages to catch my attention, hook, line, and sinker. Crown Princess is a nice bedtime story that’s got fairytale vibes and a whole lot of romance. Can’t wait to see who’s next in line with the royals. Kathleen Samuels did a wonderful job!



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Kathleen Samuels knew the moment she picked up a Sweet Valley High book that happily ever after endings were the only books to read. She began writing in junior high school, determined to become an author someday. After college, she became a teacher for children with disabilities, still writing in her spare time. Joining Romance Writers of America in 2011 focused her efforts and she created The Royals of Cordova series. Kathleen is a collector of everything based on the Cinderella story and truly believes she will find her Prince Charming one day. Until then, she will write about them in her books. Kathleen makes her home in Southern California with her two college age children and little Tibetan Spaniel, Jack.


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