Review: Boys, Toys, Oh My by A.M. Willard

Boys, Toys – Oh My! Volume 1
by A.M. Willard

*Warning this could cause strange looks for the laugh out loud moments… It could cause you to pee your pants… Most of all… It could cause your mind to escape from the stresses of a long day.*

I’m the type of girl who turns crimson red when she hears the word penis, so just imagine what happens when I have to say it to a crowd of strangers. Yes, I turn red and then here comes the clumsy state of mind.

My life is always upside down, but it’s because I’m Charlie— the clumsy, and somewhat curious girl who gets herself into weird predicaments, and that’s how it’s always been.

Oh, did I mention my hot boss who I might be in love with thinks I’m a stripper by night? Guess I didn’t, but I’m sure it’s a misunderstanding. This is why I should’ve stuck to my motto of not mixing business with pleasure, it’s either going to backfire or end up being the best thing I’ve ever done.

Well, well, well, what do we have here? A working woman enamored with her boss trying to moonlight as a sextoy seller when she couldn’t even say that p word without turning red.. Yes, that p that’s attached to the male species.. And yes again, I myself can’t say it too, LoL!

Boys, Toys, Oh My is indeed a very fun and hilarious read. Charlie the sexy executive assistant was persuaded by her best friend Ginger to get a second job so she could pay off her student loans. And that job required her to sell pleasure toys at parties and events. And guess who she saw in her first ever solo bash? Her boss Cooper Fields attending a bachelor’s party. Omg, now he thought Charlie was a stripper.

I tell you, these characters totally livened up this story with comedy, romance and uber sexiness. Plus those behind close doors meetings surely made the book enticing.. Have to read the next book to discover more!

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