Review: Forever With Me by Trilina Pucci

Forever with Me
Forever Series Book 2
by Trilina Pucci

In the fiery conclusion of Come Back to Me, Mia is haunted by all her demons. She finds herself fighting for the life she always dreamed of with a man that sets her heart and soul afire but in order to succeed she will need to face the ultimate truth and hope it doesn’t destroy her or the life she has built.

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!

When that one person you’ve suspected all along from the first book was already giving you creeps and nightmarish vibes, it was only a matter of time before your instincts go full force and yell at that person to go to hell and wish him dead. Oh god, it was therapeutic to be able to scream and say, hey, it’s finally over! Yet I still can’t believe it!

Forever With Me is the second book in the Forever series and immediately picks up where it left off. Cole Parker was arrested for murder of Carter Williams, his wife’s attacker slasher stalker. Although he was innocent of the crime, it didn’t help that he really did want this guy dead.

Mia had just got almost all her memories back and had only wanted to spend the rest of her life with her husband Cole, but life had been cruel to her. The thought of Cole being put to jail was such pure torture and really gutted her soul. And when another person she truly loved was almost killed in just a few days, Mia’s world was never the same ever again.

Every story must come to an end and I’m so sad to see Cole and Mia go.. Actually,  I can’t believe their story is over.. I can’t get enough of Cole Parker,  I still haven’t had enough of my fill yet.. Gosh, this guy is an insufferable romantic fool and Mia’s really lucky to be spending all her nights cuddled with this man. I can only shudder if I were in her shoes (LOL!).


Plus there’s Foster too who really seemed like a really charming guy! I feel that there’s still so much more to explore about Foster and Alex and their whirlwind romance. The other characters really left a mark on me and I liked how everything had come together to make this story very memorable and the ending quite heart stopping and jaw dropping. A beautiful suspense love story that Trilina Pucci promises to be etched onto the readers’ minds forever!



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