Review: All Jacked Up by Mysti Parker


A Beach Pointe Romance
by Mysti Parker

Avery Price:

Here’s the deal – I need cash to buy my bridal shop or find a new place to lease.

I stumbled on a chance to win $50,000 and get my store on the front page of a bridal magazine. The catch is, I have to get married or at least stage a convincing wedding.

My best (and only) bet is Jack, but he’s a total marriage-phobe, and I’ve already walked out on him once. This time, I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse. It’s the perfect solution.

Dr. Jack Maddox:

When Avery chickened out on our s-e-x buddy deal the first time around, I thought that ship had sailed. Imagine my surprise when I find her in my kitchen the next night in only an apron.

She says she’s changed her mind, but there’s a catch (of course). I’d rather poke my eye out with a fork than to get married. Though for this fun-sized wildcat, I can handle a little acting.

But, two little blue lines can ruin even the best of plans.

Get ready to fall in love with the swoon-worthy veterinarian Jack Maddox in the hot standalone 3rd book of the Beach Pointe romance series. If you love sizzling bedroom shenanigans, dysfunctional family chaos, and a heart-stopping climax, you’ll love Mysti Parker’s hilarious romantic comedy.



Avery needs money to keep her bridal shop business afloat and to make sure her annoying landlord does not sell her place anytime soon. A magazine contest for the best outfitted wedding is up for grabs for bridal shop owners. Avery can join the contest, but she needs someone to be his groom. And that sexy veterinarian is the perfect man for the job.. All she needs is a yes!

Said sexy animal doctor Jack Maddox doesn’t want commitment or anything else that would tie him to something permanent and forever, including kids. He doesn’t believe in marriage and he’s got his separated parents for that excuse. But when Avery Price proposes a fake marriage in exchange for sex, he’s having second thoughts. For a man who loves having a woman on his bed, this offer seems too good to be true! Will he accept or not?

I seriously had a series of coughing fit laughing my butt off while reading this book. Mysti Parker is a gem of a writer and I am beyond thankful to have read most of her books. To date, All Jacked Up is my favorite book of hers and I won’t be able to look at aprons and shower curtains the same way ever again..

All Jacked Up is definitely the funniest, most uproarious and most hysterical and steamiest romantic comedy I’ve ever read this year. All thanks to Mysti Parker who’s got the balls and brains and beauty to compose a story that’s not only amusing but also stress-relieving and tantalizing! Dr. Jack Maddox is the man of the hour and he certainly knows how to keep everyone going in the pink of health. Even his “roommates” were so adorable and priceless! (Quincy the parrot is sooo hysterical! OMG!). Avery Price and her eccentric family also add up to this motley crew, enlivening the whole story. From start to finish, this book greatly entertained!

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