Review: Undone (House of Sin 3) by Elisabeth Naughton



by Elisabeth Naughton

Publication Date: June 5, 2018

Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Behind the doors of the House of Sin, no one is ever safe…

I love him. It’s the only truth that matters now.


I’ve cast my old life aside and given myself fully to his wants and desires, to the fire he alone ignites inside me. And together, we’ve found strength and salvation in each other.

But there are evil forces, people who see me as a threat that must be undone. I trust that our love can withstand any test, but I can’t ignore the growing shadows lurking beyond our door.

Because I understand now that those shadows are not waiting to destroy me as I once feared. They’ve come for him. To steal him away from me for good. And to finally and completely engulf him in a sinister world he’s eluded for so long.

In the inescapable darkness of the House of Sin…

I must admit I wasn’t really sure if I could go through this series in the beginning. The first book, Forbidden actually had me wide eyed and shocked with all those cultish rituals that the House of Salvatici practiced. Natalie James wasn’t expecting anything that bizarre when she applied for a job in Covet, a fashion modelling company managed by Luciano Salvatici. Book 2, Deceived was equally gripping and stomach churning, after Natalie learned the truth about her boss. She soon realized with unease and trepidation that she might never get out of this deadly situation she’d gotten into.

Undone, the last book in the House of Sin series was mind blowing and heart stopping. Luciano’s love for Natalie was tested with excruciating pain and I myself felt sick after reading all those unbelievable torments that they had endured. For a moment or two, I had doubts about their happy ending because as I perused the pages, the possibility of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel was next to nothing. I was fully invested in this series that I felt like I was already part of the story. I felt the characters’ pain, I felt their sorrows, I felt their fear and I felt their hope.

I know this is the end of the series, but I am still clamoring for more. I feel like there’s still some unfinished business.. Like what happened to Dante and his new role as Grand Duke? And then there’s Arianna, who knew more about the House than she should. And their evil schemy mother! I feel that she still has something up in her sleeves even after Luc had silenced her with his wrath. I’m so thrilled though, because I will get to see and read more about Felicity and Marco and the House of Merrick soon!

For the nth time and counting, Elisabeth Naughton continues to make waves in the dark romance genre. Like a master chef, she always brings something new to the table and makes sure everyone gets a taste of her fine novels. You can never go wrong with Naughton.

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