Book Blitz + Excerpt Tour: Take Hold of Me by Arell Rivers

Take Hold of Me

by Arell Rivers

Publication Date: June 7, 2018

Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

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She has a body that needs guarding. He has the muscle to do it … but he’s moved on and refuses to look back.

A Woman Fighting to Stay on Top

After a decade as a supermodel, a younger version of me is scooping up my contracts. To regain my status in the industry, my agency devises a strategy—which so happens to require a bodyguard. And I know the perfect guy for the job: Wills Sumner, the man who saw beneath my veneer. Who currently is evading my texts like a Parisian taxi driver in the rain.

A Man Surrendering Hope

I need to start over. Watching my partners die on the job cemented my belief that I’m toxic. So, with the money from that fateful gig, I buy my sister’s gym. At least I can honor her in death—considering I failed to step up when she was alive. Now, if only the French beauty Emilie Dubois would lose my number.

Emilie is fixated on having me at her side. I’m resigned to doing one final turn and escaping with my heart intact.

But neither of us expected to be stripped bare … In the end, she may be the only one who can Take Hold of Me.

***WARNING: Due to strong language and sexual situations, this book is intended for mature audiences. It is the first standalone novel in A Hold Series Spin-off.


Our bodies face each other, almost close enough to touch. Like a gravitational pull, I cannot stop myself from closing the gap between our foreheads. “Not a good idea,” I mumble.

She pulls her head back and looks directly into my eyes. “Au contraire. I think it is a very good idea.” She plucks my glass out of my hand and deposits it onto a nearby table, next to hers.

Her French accent. Her lavender scent. Her positive attitude. Everything. Her.

Ripped from the bottom of my soul, I utter, “Ems.”

My hand cups her cheek and directs her lips toward mine. Inches apart, I freeze. Coming in strained gasps, our breaths mingle. Hot wisps of air kiss my cheek.

The music pounds around us, a living creature urging us forward.

She darts her tongue over her bottom lip.

With a groan, my body overrides my brain. Pulling her to me, my mouth covers hers, molding her lips to mine. Lips I haven’t tasted in nearly a year. Like a lightning bolt hitting water, the positively charged particles in my body detonate and obscure the DJ’s music. Nothing exists outside of our kiss.

My hands plunge into her loose hair and run over the little braids, all the while my lips learn hers. Her palms connect with my chest and travel upward, over my shoulders and encircle my neck.

My tongue touches the line of her lips and she opens for me. Barely a breath later, our tongues intertwine with a heady mixture of want.

When someone brushes by us, our kiss breaks. I bracket Emilie in my arms to steady her on her feet. My chest expands at the private knowledge that I was the one who made her unsteady.

“Do you want.” I clear my throat. “To stay or go?”

She whispers, “Go.”

Her whisper slices through my overheated body. The kiss we shared here far exceeds my buried memories from before. She is so sweet, so giving. I don’t deserve such goodness, but maybe just once won’t hurt her. “Then go it is.”

I seal our departure with another blistering kiss, exploring her mouth. When she sucks on my tongue, the top of my head nearly explodes. I have to get us out of here, fast, before I can’t stop my hands from pulling her tight.

About Arell Rivers

For as long as Arell Rivers remembers, she has been lost in a book. During her senior year in college, she picked up a Danielle Steel novel … and instantly was hooked on romance.

She started writing her first novel, No One to Hold, because the characters were screaming at her to do so. The story started coming out in Arell’s dreams and attacking her in the shower, so she took to the computer to shut them up. But they kept talking.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Arell has what some may call a “checkered past.” Prior to discovering her passion for writing romance, she practiced law, was a wedding and event planner and even dabbled in marketing. Arell lives with a very supportive husband who doesn’t care that the bed isn’t made or dinner isn’t on the table. When not in her writing cave, Arell is found making dinner in the crock pot, working out with Shaun T or hitting the beach.

She hopes you enjoy her stories about strong men, driven women and the passions that ignite!

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