Review: You Lucky Dog by Debra Finerman

You Lucky Dog
by Debra Finerman

What do you do when you’re attending your own funeral but can’t tell the love of your life that you’re there, perfectly alive? Your wife doesn’t recognize you because you look slightly different. Well, more than slightly. You’re now a dog.

You Lucky Dog is the unlikely love story of Jake and Emma, a young couple thrown into a very unusual situation.

Jake and Emma appear to have everything going for them. A young married couple, they live with their dog in the leafy suburbs of Los Angeles. But after a horrible accident changes the course of their lives forever, Jake finds himself alive but living outside his body, and in the body of his dog.

What follows is a hilarious and heartwarming tale of misplaced identity. You Lucky Dog explores the mysteries of life and death, and the enduring power of love, in a heartwarming story for animal lovers and all lovers.


Emma’s life wasn’t the same again after her husband died in a car accident. Her only consolation and reason to move forward was their West Highland terrier dog Jake, who was lucky to be alive after getting trapped inside the car with her husband. On the day of the funeral though, Emma got the surprise of her life when her dog talked to her and revealed that he was actually her husband, Jake!

A man in a dog’s body, now that’s something not every widow gets to live with everyday. How lucky could Emma be?

I enjoyed every page of this book. It’s more of a story of a wife and her late husband who still continued to live. Jake the dog was already cute and cuddly, but Jake the human turned into a dog, he’s even more adorable! I loved how Emma treated him like a real human and not just a pet; I love Jake’s protectiveness and nurturing side. I love how he turned from a squirming terrier with a bow into a superstar dog hero.

For dog lovers like me, this book is such a pleasure to read and dig your canines into while chewing a rubber ducky. I was having a ruff day earlier when I started reading You Lucky Dog by Debra Finerman, and before I knew it, I was wagging my eyebrows and chomping on my stuffed teddy bear while laughing out loud at Jake the Dog and Emma the human.. This has been such a paws-itively happy, funny and terrier-ific story!Β  Uh, sorry for the dog puns, I am on the roll, couldn’t help it. OK, I’ll stop now; don’t want to be accused of barking up the wrong tree!

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