Review: With a Side of Vengeance by Kait Gamble

With a Side of Vengeance
by Kait Gamble

Vengeance is a dish best served…hot.

Elle gave up so much in life to focus on her relationship—too bad her fiancé didn’t feel the same dedication to her. So when he takes off to Antigua to be with another woman, Elle follows, wanting, no, needing answers and retribution.

Eirik’s ex-lover tried to heap humiliation on him and his family with the help of Elle’s ex-fiancé. So when Eirik finds Elle spying on them, she seems like the perfect accomplice for some revenge. The plan is easy enough—pretend to be a couple to antagonize their exes…and perhaps have a little fun of their own.

But what happens when reaching for his hand becomes second nature and kissing her becomes a need that’s all too real? Can a relationship with its roots in cold vengeance ever blossom in the heat of love?


Elle’s heart got broken after her fiance dumped her a few weeks before their wedding. Wanting to know the reason behind his departure, Elle traveled across the globe to stalk on her ex-lover, only to have her heart get trampled on again.. Until Eirik came into the view. This formidable man came barreling towards her path and fascinated her.

And soon she learned far more secrets about her ex-fiance from the man she’d just met a few moments ago… And to be proposed with an idea that could give her the chance to avenge her broken heart.. A fake romance with a side of vengeance? Now that’s something Elle Suttikil was gonna have to think about..

This has been quite an interesting and engaging read. A fake romance trope in the heart of Antigua, one of the beautiful islands in the world. Love the place where this wonderful story happened. Anyone could fall in love in this sandy beach with sky blue skies as canopy. Imagining about this place just made reading this book by Kait Gamble a satisfying one. Plus the characters that were very entertaining and realistic and easily lovable. Eirik, the Viking, for one is such a great and generous guy, but also fierce when it came to his family and business. Couldn’t blame Elle for immediately falling for this man..

Their short-lived love affair was full of ups and downs, something any normal relationships would surely have. What I loved the most in the story though, was how the man of the hour planned all his moves and delivered the biggest surprise for the woman of his life.

A short but definitely tantalizing summer read!!

An inveterate traveller, Kait has set foot on three continents and has the other four on her bucket list (yes, even Antarctica). Until she can see them all, she writes romances that take readers to far flung locales, often to places she’s been or hopes to one day go. For now, she’s settled in England where she spends most of her time plotting, scribbling ideas on every available scrap of paper and trying out dialogue on her cat.

Genre – Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance, Erotic Romance

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