Review: Surviving Horse Island by Karl Steam

Surviving Horse Island
(Kids vs. Nature, #3)
by Karl Steam

Josh and three of his classmates have proven they can survive a forest and a desert, but what about an island? Can they finish a third mission and make it home alive?

It’s almost the last day of classes in 6th Grade, and classmates Josh, Melisa, Tyler & Katie now anticipated yet another mysterious mission from a phone app to an undisclosed destination. True to its aim, the app sent the gang to another strange yet exciting outdoor adventure, this time along the beach where they got to frolic in the sand and catch waves and crabs. Things got a little bit more serious now though, with Melisa steering clear from the group when the rest decided to stay for a while instead of completing their mission. Katie sensed something brewing in her classmate’s behavior, but couldn’t be sure, especially when a herd of horses came galloping along their direction.

I’m glad that my sons have warmed up to this Kids vs Nature series. Although they weren’t that forthcoming with the possible romantic liaison or simple crush from some of the characters, my boys still love the adventures the gang had been to. We were all grateful for all the information we learned about crabs and horses and surviving in the beach without much drinkable water nearby. It is quite to stay hydrated and sated for a longer period of time. All these nuggets of information contained at the end of the book are priceless and very much appreciated. We can’t wait to read another adventure for this core group!

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