Review: Surviving Desert View by Karl Steam

Surviving Desert View
(Kids vs. Nature, #2)
by Karl Steam

Josh and three of his sixth-grade classmates find themselves stranded in the wilderness, again. Surviving in a forest was one thing. Can they survive a desert too?

Their situation takes a turn for the worse when they realize that their previous wilderness adventure was not an isolated experience. Not only do they need to complete another mission to get back home, but they need to find a way to prevent any more missions from happening.

Once again, my kids and I got caught up in another exciting outdoor activity, this time on the desert with Josh, Tyler, Melisa and Katie in Karl Steam’s Surviving Desert View. We’re really liking this Kids vs Nature book series, mostly because of the trove of information we learn from beginning till the end of the story.

For the second day in a row, the informative magical nature app had given the four unlikely friends another mission to accomplish. But this time, it’s even more dangerous than ever. From moose lake, now the classmates were sent to Desert View where they need to get a Bird’s Eye View. Imagine being squirted with a lizard’s blood, or facing a tarantula or worse, attacked by a rattlesnake! OMG! This had Survivor 101 written all over it. The illustrations were also helpful providing visuals to my kids’ active imagination.

And we all loved this! Another great lesson or lessons learned from surviving the wilderness – teamwork and caring for each other’s welfare, even if they weren’t really friends to begin with. We’re so psyched up with the next adventure in the series!!

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