Review: Aurora Sky, Vampire Hunter by Nikki Jefford

Aurora Sky
(Vampire Hunter, #1)
by Nikki Jefford

Kill first vampire. Check.
Get drunk. Check
Kiss a boy. Check.
Lose virginity . . .

After the accident, my world turned up-side-down.

I wanted to attend college on the East Coast, but now I’m stuck hunting vampires in Alaska all because the agency saved my life.

Agent Melcher says my rare blood type makes me special. It’s toxic to vampires. He says I can help save mankind. But let’s be real. Basically, I’m a glorified chew toy.

My BF’s avoiding me like the plague.

My new friends are misfit suck junkies.

My hunting partner is an overzealous action junkie with a killer smile.

Then there’s Fane Donado. Crude, delinquent, Mr. Joe Cool with the Cheshire grin, horrible dyed hair, and mismatched lips. As if life weren’t cruel enough, I can’t stop staring at his mouth or daydreaming about doing wicked things with him.

Clearly the old Aurora is gone forever. Destroyed in the wreckage. I don’t know who I am anymore, only that I suddenly have intense cravings and a V.I.P. pass into Alaska’s underworld.

If vampires found out who I worked for it would be lights out forever. In the meantime, I have some undead ass to kick.

There’s a new vampire hunter in Anchorage Alaska, and she’s fiercer than Buffy and Angel combined.

It’s been a while since I read about vampires and assassins that not only kick butts but also bring justice and revenge when needed. It’s been a while since I’ve watched Vampire Diaries which gave me my bloody dose of supernaturals.

And now, I got to meet Aurora Sky and boy,  does she put the Buffy to shame.

After a freaky car accident that almost cost her life and resulted to multiple body organ replacements and bloody transfusions,  Aurora found herself in a field of white nothingness. The next thing she knew , the agents who revived her informed her that she’s got a special blood , so rare and exquisite that could be used as a weapon against the undead. 

Life hadn’t been easy with Aurora Sky,  even before her tragic accident, what with her grumpy father and inconsiderate schoolmates.  And now that she’s back , things just got even weirder,  stranger and more confusing than everever.  Her only friend abandoned her,  her father chose to neglect his family , and had almost died a virgin . What could be more awful than that?

Apparently , being bitten by a rabid vampire wasn’t the case. Being a vampire hunter/assassin was even worse. And that’s not all. The worst part was,  Aurora would never get to leave Anchorage Alaska ever,  or else , she’d die.

Oh I couldn’t stop myself from reading this book . It’s like every page beckoned me to go further and farther on,  whispered to me that if I won’t read the next chapter , I’d be missing a part of my life.  Sounds cheesy and freaky,  but bloodily true.

Aurora Sky is a joy to read. She may have been a weakling at first , but once she got the balls,  she’s one spunky teenager with attitude and intensity. She’s better off without her so-called friend Denise and absentee father. Gaining new unpretentious friends suited her best and being able to kick vampires’ ass was definitely an added bonus.

Fane,  oh Fane.. I knew from the first time Aurora couldn’t decide whether to like you or not, I knew what kind of creature you were, but damn, when I saw you walking Aurora home, well, I must say, I fell in love.  I didn’t see that coming! I mean, I did not really see myself liking you at all!

Sorry Dante and Valerie, I don’t have any nice words for you,  yet .

This is my second Nikki Jefford book and she’s become quite a favorite lately. I love the supernatural /paranormal world she created and the characters she introduced me to. I can’t wait to read more of her books!



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