Review: Valentine’s At the Graff by Sinclair Jayne

Valentine’s at the Graff
(Holiday at the Graff Book 4)
by Sinclair Jayne


Marietta native Miranda Evans has yet to find her niche…until a small legacy allows her to open a gift boutique featuring local artists in the historic Graff hotel. As Valentine’s approaches, Miranda, who’s always left romance to the pages of a book, reaches out to involve the community in random acts of kindness to celebrate the month of love. Miranda has no need for hearts and flowers until the boy next door she dreamed about in high school arrives back in town more handsome, brooding, and out of reach than ever.

Orthopedic surgeon Whitman Telford blew out of his small, Montana hometown at eighteen without looking back. When he’s told to fill in for a month at Marietta’s hospital before obtaining his dream job in LA, no is not an option. After getting sucked into the Valentine project along with half the town, Witt starts to wonder if he’ll still be eager to see Marietta in his rearview mirror.

Opposites attract or so Miranda’s heard, but will she have the courage to test this theory and take a chance on romance when so much more than her heart is at stake?

Before I proceed with my review, I just want to apologize for not being able to review this book as soon as I finished reading it more than a couple of months ago. Yes, I’ve read this last February but due to busy home schedule and with my kids’ health scare, I wasn’t able to really focus on reviewing all the books I’ve read (and I mean about a dozen books!) Hopefully, I could catch up with my TBR’s and un-reviewed reads and update you all real soon.

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned, I’ve read this a couple of months ago, and up until now, this brings a smile to my face. They met at the most awkward situation, Miranda Evans bumping into her long-time high school crush but Whitman Telford didn’t even recognize her at all, after years of absence and escaping their cowboy ranch. I don’t know about you, but these two characters definitely had me rooting for them from the beginning.

Socially awkward Whitman Telford was a hard man to crack, and even a harder man to love. He felt unloved all throughout his life, his mother never saying any good word about his father whom he thought abandoned him. When he finally did meet his biological dad, he never wanted to be called a cowboy and had separated himself from his family, treated everyone his competition, strove to be the best academic and vowed to leave Marietta the very minute he graduated. Now an Orthopedic surgeon, he’s back in his hometown but he couldn’t wait to leave again after a month of residency in Marietta hospital.

Miranda Evans was in the process of opening her gift shop featuring local artists and she loved being home in Marietta. Everything she loved and dreamed of were here, and she’s even more excited when her high-school secret crush was back in town. Too bad he was so aloof and he didn’t even recognize her. But good-natured and well-loved Miranda always kept a smile on her face and never once treated Witt as a stranger, and even agreed to his business proposal, knowing he’d be gone after a few weeks.

I love the relationship between Miranda and Witt. They’re opposites but their partnership was dynamic. Miranda was a motor mouth and easy going and everybody loved her, whereas Witt was silent, detached, anti-social and reserved. I admit, I myself wasn’t looking forward to his stay in Marietta with all his brooding and negative thoughts about the place, but a newcomer in the presence of darling little Petal sweetened the deal. This girl unknowingly brought Miranda and Witt together, with dragons and broken Christmas tree in the background. I know I am blabbing nonsense, but once you read the story, you’ll know what I mean.

If at first I was frowning at Witt’s standoffish stature, in the end, I was swooning at him. And I am loving author Sinclair Jayne too, for taking a chance with her characters and making me love them more. I am hoping to read her other books in the future!

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